Miracle And Grace By Aya Saren

Aya Saren

“Miracle and Grace”
written by Thea Torres

There was a happy married couple who lived in a kingdom called Montonui. The couple lived a simple but a happy life together. Their source of living is selling goods in the market and planting in the rice fields. One day the wife got pregnant and her husband got very happy knowing that he’s going to be a father and the love of his life is bearing his child. He take good care of her while she’s pregnant, he would not let her wife do any works. He just want her to rest and take good care of herself and their baby inside her tummy. The wife couldn’t ask for more, she has a good loving husband and a child that they are going to raise together. She always thank God for blessing her more than she ever asked.  The day has come that her wife is going to give birth to their child, it was a stormy night. People stayed at their homes because the wind is very strong and it was raining very hard. Her husband seeks for help so he goes out and asks for help, but no one would open doors for him. He go back to her wife wet and cold he is very worried about the condition of his wife, it was written all over his face he was thinking of what might happen to her wife and their child. When he got home he heard a crying of a baby. So he hurriedly ran to see her wife, then he saw holding their baby—I mean their babies!

Her wife gave birth to a twin, it was the first time in the history that someone gave birth to a twin in their kingdom he was very shock and at the same time frightened he walk slowly towards to her wife and held her hand “hey take good care of our babies it’s a blessing and a miracle that God gave us a two child to be taken care of. Please be a good father to our babies and promise me that you’d take good care of them.” The wife said while breathing heavily “what are you talking about? We’re going to take care of them. Please don’t talk as if you’re leaving, I can’t take it!” the husband exclaimed while crying “I can feel that I’m not going to stay much longer. My love, name the child with a birth mark Miracle because she is the child that God gave us unexpectedly, and the first one call her Grace. I love them both just as I love you.” Then after that her wife closed her eyes, her husband tried to wake her up but he knows that the love of his life is gone. He screamed and cried out to God “this is not a miracle! This is not a blessing! This is a curse! Give back my wife and take the other child back instead!” but he didn’t heard any response. The only thing he heard is the noise of the thunder, rain and wind. He stared angrily at the child that her wife named Miracle; he thought that the innocent child is the reason why her wife died. He’s thinking about killing the child he gets a knife and about to stab the baby but he suddenly stop when he saw that the baby smiled at him his knees got weak, he knelt crying very hard with a heavy heart. After that day the news about the couple who has a twin spread like a wild fire in the kingdom.  Rumors have it that the other child is cursed, that it’s not normal for a two babies to be born at one birth. This news reached the king and queen of the kingdom, in the other hand the king and queen is longing for a child that’s why when the rumors reached them they want to see the babies. The queen talked to the father of the twin. She wants to adopt and take good care of the other child, but the father won’t allow it. He said he will be the one to take good care of the babies. The queen angrily said “You’re so selfish! You are given two babies why can’t you give me the other one? You know how much I want to have a child!” the father of the twin just shrugged his shoulders “I don’t care they are my child. Even if people would tell me that the other one is cursed, I love them and I’m going to raise them under my guidance.” The king threatened the father of the twin “I would put you under my observation. If you can’t raise both of the child well, we will be going to take actions and get one of them!” then they left. The father got terrified about the threat he knows that even if he’ll work hard to raise them well the king and queen will find a way to make it harder for him.

Thirteen years have passed the twin is now all grown up, they grow up to be a beautiful young ladies. Grace is a beautiful girl every people in the kingdom loves her they admired her because of her beauty and kindness while in the other hand Miracle is avoided by the people because they still believe that she is a cursed child no one like to make friends with her just like Grace she is also beautiful inside and out, but she is more than that, she’s also intelligent and she’s always the top on their class. Even though people avoided her, Miracle is still happy because her father and Grace love her so much. But little did she know Grace starts building up jealousy towards her but she won’t just show it. She always tries to compete with Miracle at school and at their father’s attention. One day the father’s twin got sick, he can’t go to work and the twin stop going to school because they have no money. The money that their father earned is now all gone because they use it to pay for a doctor and to buy their father’s medicines. Miracle saw Grace crying because of her hunger. They haven’t eaten for 2 days because they have no money and the food that the people gave is not enough to sustain them. This news reached the king and queen and as what they have a deal with their father back then, they will take the other child with them. The father cried out but he can’t do anything and he knows that it is the right thing he could still raise the other one well. The queen chooses Miracle over Grace because the queen knows about the struggle that Miracle experienced growing up being avoided by people and called the cursed child. Miracle doesn’t want to go with the king and queen but she got an idea she’ll make a deal with the king and queen “I am going with you. But promise me you will provide enough food and money for my sister and father.” The king and queen agreed to it. Miracle hugged her father and sister for the last time because she knows that she would wait a longer time to be with her father and sister again “Grace take good care of father while I’m away. I promise I’ll still look out to the both of you.” Miracle said while tears are falling down her cheeks. But Grace stared blankly at her and face the queen “Why her? Take me instead! She is a cursed child after all! She’s only going to make misfortune at the castle! I am the one who deserve to be you child! Not this cursed child” Grace said madly, suddenly their father slap Grace “don’t talk like that about Miracle! She is your sister!” Miracle got shocked of what her sister just said about her and what her father did to Grace. “I hate you! It’s always been her that is treated so special!” then she ran off. Miracle is about to chase her but their father stop her “let her be Miracle. She needs time to think about what she said and done. I want you to take good care of yourself, listen to them. I will miss you my Miracle. I’m sorry I can’t keep you by my side.” Miracle starts crying after hearing of what her father said. Then she goes to the castle with the king and queen waving her final goodbye.

Four years later the twin is now a lady, Grace still live with her father while Miracle is in the castle. Grace is doing good she’s managing a small business with her father although the jealousy in her heart towards her twin Miracle hasn’t vanished she still thought she should to be the one living in the castle and experiencing all the luxurious things her sister is now experiencing while Miracle live in the castle with the king and queen who now she called mother and father she is treated well and she can’t deny that her life in the castle is way much better she have the things that a normal person in kingdom couldn’t afford, she eats all delicious foods cook by the famous chefs all around the world. But still, Miracle is still lonely in the inside she miss her father and her twin sister all the time that she experience the things that makes her happy she’s wishing that if only her father and sister could also experience it together with her. July 26 is coming and that means the twins is now turning 18, the king and queen is preparing for a masquerade ball for Miracle’s day, but its not only miracle’s day but also grace so she to invited her father and grace. She’ll be the one to provide their needs she looks forward to that day because she’s going to see her father and sister again after a long, long time. The day has come elegant people gathered at the castle from different kingdoms Miracle receive tons of gifts but she’s still not happy she’s waiting for her father and sister to come but they still haven’t arrived. This made Miracle very sad she decided to go out and smell some fresh air then suddenly someone put coat on her shoulders “its cold outside.” It was Prince Elijah they know each other ever since Miracle arrived at the castle they studied together and they are very close. Elijah like Miracle since the day that they first met but miracle doesn’t know about it. “thank you Eli.” Miracle said “are you thinking about your father and twin again Mira?” Miracle smiled sadly “I thought that I’m going to see them this day. But they haven’t showed up.” The party is now about to start so they decided to go inside. Miracle went up to her room then she saw someone sitting at her bed it was Grace “Surprise my twin. Happy birthday.” Miracle is very happy to see Grace she hug her tightly “I thought you’re not gonna come!” Grace smiled “Why would I not appear in our day?” “Where’s father?” Miracle asked “oh he couldn’t come he was sick but he has a gift for you.” She handed her a box “and this is mine.” She handed her a small box. Miracle is about to open the gifts but Grace stop her “wait open it later. Miracle I want to ask you something.” Miracle hold her hand “what is it Grace?” “Can you grant my one and only wish in our day?” Miracle hesitates at first but she thought she need to make it up to her sister “okay anything I could offer.” Grace smiled “can we swap places? I mean can I pretend to be you even for just a day? I want to experience the life of a princess.” Miracle got surprise of her sisters wish, “But it would be hard for you to pretend!” “nah beside no one would suspect we really look alike the first place! Please? Don’t be selfish!” Grace said pleading. “okay fine but just for today okay? Let’s change our dress wear mine.”



This is the unedited version of the story.


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