Book Spectacles Coffee

3 idiots

I’m so pissed off right now. I lost my eyeglasses two days ago and the moment I realized that I may not be able to get a hand with that, I felt how important that thing is in my life. I may not be able to watch Running Man here on my laptop anymore since I have difficulties staring at this huge screen. My friends are slowly putting a distance from where I am. I don’t know that’s just how I feel. I feel like I have disappointed them all and it makes me feel ill. I could just imagine how they stare at me right now.

I’m also pissed off right now. I have to tell you something which as of this moment I still have second thoughts whether I should be writing it down here. But anyway, nobody’s going to know anyway. Last year, I had this little argument with my best friend about introducing me to his ultimate crush. He always sends instructions to make the two of them get to close with each other. You know, giving his crush some gifts and stuff which I really know the girl would just reject. The last time was when he decided to give her an English Bulldog and I have to search for the perfect dog for the girl. For almost a year now, it was then I realized that my best friend’s crush and I had developed a closeness with each other. Like we chat almost every night talking about random life issues, her random school problems and all things that she can thought of sharing. I mean, there are no holds bar between the two of us. With all due respect, I just sincerely am attached to the girl as my little sister- of course. You know, writing this makes me feel immature. The thing is that my best friend got seriously jealous about my relationship with his crush. That’s it. I mean, he could’ve just told me earlier that he doesn’t want the girl’s attention in me. I wouldn’t mind ignoring the girl actually. Not a big deal. He just confronted a week ago and it pisses me off because why he never discussed that thing as early as day zero. It’s seriously not worth writing for. But of course, I couldn’t contain how pissed I am right now.


Later this evening, I caught up with my other best friend and we had dinner at the mall and I told her about the things that had happen from the time being away from everyone. I remember last time I posted something about needing a book to read to refresh my noodles so right after dinner, we head out to a book shop. This is what’s great about being surrounded by books. My mind travels even though I haven’t read anything from any book on the bookstore. I found a couple of great books to read and I only bought the “No Turning Back” by A.P.  Cruickshank. I had a thing with the subjects about oblivion, death, resurrection, the eternal life, the time, space and everything in between.


To comfort me with every day troubled transactions and to give me a perfect distraction, I bought these things. A new cheap pair of temporary eye glasses so that I could read and write. A new book to kill my time and to feed my soul and coffee to fuel up everything.


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