Why Breakfasts Are For The Weak


This is unusual for me to begin my day. It’s 7:30 in the morning and I see people doing their usual morning habit; drinking coffee, reading the morning newspaper, getting ready for work, sobered up yuppies, grannies just sitting trying to figure out how to eat their fries. These are the things that I missed witnessing. The morning people that are here doing their “normal” activities fascinates me that I figured out how weak of a morning person I am. Weak people who doesn’t wake up early in the morning deserves breakfasts. That’s why breakfasts should be served for those who are weak. Like me. I have been such a weak person who cannot wake up too early to eat. Such a drag.

I sat at the end corner of the store looking outside and bare witnessing all the raw happenings of the fresh people in the morning. I ordered an egg and longganisa panwich, hash brown (which up until now can’t figure out what this food is made of) and a pineapple juice. This breakfast is so simple. So simple it made me forget all the problems that I should be facing for the day for an hour. I believe we all do deserve this kind of mornings where we are supposed to just focus on feeding ourselves and savor every mornings. After this small breakfast reflection, I went back to my office and continue on with my stagnant life.

Nothing important happened to me.

Not much to say…

Thanks McDonald’s for the meal.

By the way, I made some minimal changes with my blog. As you can see, there are no other images on the left side corner of this page. All other affiliations and functions are visible on my “about” section and on my “vlog” page.



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