Cateel Davao Oriental


This is going to be quick as I do not have much time right now. I’m supposed to have this blog entry written a week ago but Eeyore inside of me was prevalent.

I’ve been wanting to go back to Cateel, Davao Oriental probably every Summer of the year since I spent most of in between class breaks during my younger years and not being able to visit this temperamental place makes me feel like I missed something. Things have changed since the my last visit – as some of you might not know, Cateel is one of the Province in the Philippines who got devastated with the Typhoon Bopha or locally known as Bagyong Pablo way back in 2012. Seeing how the capitol has survived and has recovered made me feel like it’s a different place from before.

The second week of May 2018. My office mates and I planned to go on a trip to the Orient and then the plans suddenly have changed but my urge decided to still feel the same. So, why not travel alone? Yeah, I had this dubious thought about going there alone for the reason that so I could at least have a relief from my days in living with my normal in Davao.

A day before my travel, I decided to invite three of my best friends. One which I had a squinty fight over indifference for a couple of days. I guess inviting him could beat our pride-at-stake – I guess we’ll never work things out because I was thinking things could get worst than the usual. You know…we’ve got issues with our business and how the money is revolving. But cut the crap!


May 11, 2018

Geno decided to come with me without any hesitations. My two other best friends had some work to do so they’ll probably miss out my video cuts VLOG which I am working out. It could’ve been much cooler to have us FOUR once again. Come to think of it, now that I have mentioned, I’ve been into “unplanned” travels with my best friend for two years and we’ve been around the Philippines as recorded on my Vlog on my YT channel, what do you think of that? Our travel as waaaay consistent compared and one reason for our out of towns is that we couldn’t handle our being ASS HOLES in the city. We’re actually thinking of making it a part of my channel and probably name this series as the “Kagwang Travel” series…or something like that.

To cap things up, I made a VLOG Montage. You can watch it here:

Some of the music I decided to clip are the ones on my DAY-TO-DAY playlist. Not much of my friends knows that I am REALLY hooked with J. Cole ‘s music. So it’s one of my inspirations to do and complete this Vlog. You know, man, I can feel you. List of music is written on the video.

Wait, there’s more!

Here are some of the pics I took during our recent travel:


Aliwagwag Falls, Cateel, Davao Oriental


San Victor Island, Bagangga, Davao Oriental


Mulye, Sta. Filomena, Cateel, Davao Oriental


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