The Fourth Street Cafe


There’s a new Cafe in Davao that you probably should visit for they’ve got these revolutionary pasta with flavors you’ve never heard before (tuyo or dried fish pasta not to mention), a selection of cold brew, aromatic coffee set to favor your taste bud and appetizers to make your heart full.

I’ve always been a fan of the idea of coffee + pasta and when you add themed music at the background – classical music – that is, it all makes sense. The Fourth Street Cafe‘s theme is based on luxury, comfort, relaxation, good food – good mood kind of sense without ever compromising the price on the menu because listen to this: EVERYTHING IS PRICED UNDER Php 150.00. 

Here are some of the pasta that they offer:

The Hungarian Penne
-taste comes naturally from the sausage which makes it unique. For olive oil lovers, please choose this one as the penne scoops more oil compared to liguine.

Fourth Street Cafe’ Carbonara
As there are some who loves creamy pasta, this carbonara would not disappoint you because it legitimately creamy. WARNING: This dish makes you very full. For me, creamy pasta is the perfect match for coffee.

Aglio Oglio Spicy Seafood
-You can have this either extra hot, spicy or mild spicy. Either ways it’s still is hangry delicious. Please if you’re not a fan of the idea of Spaghetti on Olive oil, then just don’t pick this one. I visited the cafe twice, the second time I went there is when I was with my office mates. One of my office mate ordered this and she did not like it. I was appalled why someone  who is so HANGRY couldn’t like this as this pasta really is so good. Maybe she was just used to Jollibee pasta and not Italian Style PASTA, I don’t know.

Chicken Shitake
-The revolutionary pasta with shitake mushrooms, herbs and spices dashed with what is like parmesan cheese on top. This with garlic butter bread on the side. YES please!


Of all the cold drinks I tried, Russel Berry is the best. Do you have that urge to feed your cravings with sparkling drink but you are however, is sick of soft drinks which I am actually experiencing right now. Russel Berry filled that crazy emptiness. It’s sparkling, it’s thizzling, it fizzles of course and it is wonderfully delicious. Yeah, I am just exaggerating it. Why not?



Guerrero Street, Davao City
Fronting Brgy 29C Hall
Near Sta Ana National Highschool
Near New DPWH Building

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