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Isn’t it such a drain thinking about how to save money when you are on your 30’s and the world is telling you to go out there, explore and think living while you are young? That’s the kind of issue WE millenials have to deal with.

I’ve attended SUN LIFE FINANCIAL’s #sunlifeFUNday last July 27, 2018. One reason why I’ve got my interest to sit down and listen to the talk is because I’ve been in search of a financial coach to help me with my recovery from my stressful experience with the downfall of what supposed to be my very first “restaurant.”

SunLife Financial Advisers Mr. Mark Bonifacio, Mr. JP Fabian and Regional Sales Manager Ms.Eunice Aton were there at the event to help us out with financial planning.

The best time to save money is when you have money. It’s very difficult to save it when you have none and when you have all the expenses to think of.

Last year, I’ve been into such a big dilemma with money because of borrowing from friends in the pursuit of establishing my very own restaurant which is ACTUALLY wrong. The restaurant wasn’t a success, to make it short.

Now, it’s a new chapter for me to clear all my debts and start again with a brand new life, dream and be in a deep contemplation.


Reasons Why WE Millenials Sucks At Saving Money


create realistic

The most realistic saving is 20% of your salary.  Say if your salary is Php18,000 a month, you should save Php1,800 per pay day. In case, I still save only 10% of it since I still have debts to pay and other stuff which I probably should not mention here. To help you track with your expense, there are plenty of useful Apps that you could download like LIVEEXPENSE . List all the things you use your money for and track down your expense. Also, you should think of an Emergency Fund. IT should be worth 3 months of your salary.

live simple

Identify needs and wants. NEED is a Nescafe 3-in-1 coffee and WANT is a Triple, Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato in Starbucks. Identify the things that provides you the basic things that you need. You need also to understand that there are three types of income which you need to know and WHICH YOU NEED EARN. One is the Active Income. It’s an income which you earned with your skills. Second is the Passive income. An income generated from a self sustaining funds. One good example for that is thru Network Marketing. Well, not all “Networking” are toxic. Some of them had pure income sharing culture. i.e. Atomy. Third is a combination of both, the Mixed income. This is an income generated for example from stock holdings and buying and selling of properties.

pay ur deaths
You know the drill. Take it from me. I’ve been into such a big problem dealing with debts and I am learning now how to settle these things. Also, avoid using your credit card. Don’t think of that “Enjoy now, pay later” kind of bonanza. Prioritize interest bearing debts FIRST.

manage subs
Think about why you really need to have a NetFlix account and how often do you use it. Think about HOW often do you use your Spotify and are you satisfied with your payment. Look into your Phone’s App subscriptions if there are unused paid apps. Think about it. Do you really need those? Examine them and cut off those you don’t make your money’s worth. It can save you MUCH more if you analyze your subscriptions.


Money UNDER 30. This is the time of our lives when we got to think about our future ahead of us. Think about Life plans, Life Insurances and Safety Equipment. You can never really go wrong when you THINK ABOUT YOUR FUTURE. Yes, adulting sucks BIG time but if you go to the right person and talk about how you could be financially stable, you’re surely will go along with success.

There are financial institutions to help you with your financial plans and it is advisable for you to have a Financial Coach because two heads are better than one.

To help you with your little step, SunLife Financial conducts free coaching.






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