Where Are All The Writers Gone

Episode 10

This is not a hate post but I think this is more of the “liberation” kind of post as much as I wanted to explain it through. Well never mind.

I am really sorry for my English Readers out there, if you have read from my earlier blog, I decided to make my comics using my mother tongue (words) to be specific with my gamut.

I’ve actually redirected my thoughts of leaving the blogging community here in my city and thought of like doing this thing that I like to be just plainly for myself. I think I had enough of doing promotions for other people and I thought “do I really need those things to be promoted?” because I am not an advertiser. Just my raw thoughts as of the moment. LOL. I think I need to move on from that chapter of my life and just proceed to what I actually am good at and that’s drawing and writing.

Spending time with other “vloggers” makes me lose some of my sanity because I tend to get pressured with the output being required from the advertiser from the event that I signed up with and made me go into Video Blogging – which really isn’t my cup of cake because you know, making an output with VLOG is really fast and easy. I mean, vlogging really is easy peasy, you just put yourself in front of the camera, talk whatever there is in your mind and then boil down into editing the videos. I really appreciate vloggers who put artistry with their vlogs because for the past few weeks I’ve been dozed off with Vlogs from Sueddu and Jusuf all because of the editing skills and the kind of vibe they put videos with music. It really is inspiring.

Episode 10 Part 2

I think I am not becoming more inspired with writing when I am with the blogging group more than I thought I should have become being part of it when I joined in two years ago. I mean, everyone is Vlogging and I don’t feel good about it. I need more things to read, I guess. Not more videos to watch and that’s what I am sad about. Where are all the writers that I am supposed to share thoughts, ideas and inspirations with? I don’t know.

That’s why I decided to take it slow and make a bit of space or maybe some quite good rest from all the influencing stuff.


2 thoughts on “Where Are All The Writers Gone

  1. Yeah, I just wanted to say that these writings at that moment was all raw and unedited. I wanted to just go back to where I started – which is writing, reading and be inspired by writers as I am supposed to inspire others as well. It’s very overwhelming…these temperaments. Again, these are all raw thoughts. HOHOHOHOHOHO


  2. Hey,just wanterd to drop by to let u know that we all go through the same.
    At some point, I got tired from attending the events, the politics and the drama with the community (and the other community). It gets overwhelming at times too.

    I agree, take it slow. The community is there not to put pressure but to create an environment for you to grow as a content creator. Take it as it goes, just dont give up! Aja aja!

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