Walk The Talk: A Night Out With Lucy and Lia


I don’t know what happened this day but I was really pissed off with the whole situation that I am in right now against priorities in life. Can you caption this illustration above?

Well, anyway…

One fine Wednesday afternoon, Zenia and I decided to walk Lia, an 8-months old golden retriever and Lucy, also an 8-months old Siberian Husky at Roxas Avenue Night market. If you happen to be visiting Davao City, Roxas Avenue will probably be included on your list. We got this idea yesterday (Tuesday) because we saw a couple of Siberian Huskies handled by a few teenagers walking around town. The first thing that popped out of my mind is about will my elder sister allow me to walk Lia since she never wanted her to get tired as she had a minor injury of her right foot. The second thing is that it would take us around 2 hours going in and out of downtown area and I thought it would stressed out the Retriever. Yes, I was a bit hesitant at first but knowing it would be cool to walk them, I agreed and eventually be the accomplice for this stupid little crime.

Meet Lucy, the Siberian Husky and Lia the Golden RetrieverIMG_1902

Well, as you can see, who wouldn’t be so attached to these two lovely beings? Lucy has been with me for a month now. Zenia, her owner, will be leaving the country in weeks so he decided to let me take care of Lucy among other people who volunteered for reasons I know it would be complicated to tell. Since then, I felt this attachment like I’ve never expected this to happen in my entire life and I know Pocoyo will be very glad to hear about this.

Philippine born huskies aren’t that too complicated to take care now. The stigma of putting them in a very cold places  are now slowly leveling down since they have adapted to the tropical climate. Yes, huskies needs crucial attention compared to the golden retrievers but that doesn’t mean you have to cover them up with ice all the time. They just need a cool area not a cold one. Ice treats, watermelons, apples and carrots helps a lot to improve the quality of their coat plus appropriate vitamins and a whole lot of love.

Wait, was I talking about how I was pissed off last Wednesday? You know what? Forget that, can’t stick too much negative stuffs in me.

It was a bit strange knowing that people keeps staring at you because of the two huge dogs that we were carrying. Owning such dogs here in my country is unusual especially for a husky which of course is a rare sight to see. So we were sitting and walking around the famous market while being bombarded with people saying “Aww, what a cute dog” and “The handler is cuter. Can I own you?” AF.

I was a dog lover before but my grandmother wouldn’t permit us to own one so we ended up taking care of rabbits, iguanas and white mice instead. Now that it’s been too long that we realized our grandmother has departed- not that it’s good news of course – I love her so much. My sister and I finally got the chance to own and take care of dogs as much as we wanted to.

I love dogs so much I wouldn’t care if I smell like one. And knowing Lucy will be part of our family as this friend will depart, makes me feel like “Oohhh, Husky, dream come true!”