Limited Satellite Communications


I’ve recently engaged myself with outer space wonders that I had spend probably whole day watching ISS explorer with how it works orbiting around our atmosphere, also with the astronaut contingents from limited countries like Canada, Japan, United States of America and Russia of how they basically adapt themselves with Zero G lifestyle.

Not too recent ago, I’ve learned that with these convenient technology that we are enjoying; emails, Facebook messenger, Instagram, Snapchats or whatever. There’s this method which you can use if in case you don’t have access to the internet for such a low cost but of course with a limited MB of usage.

I received my first Skyfile email from Zenia which happens to be somewhere where I could not specifically drop a pin on Google maps. He said that Skyfile email system has a very limited message compositions and that I should be wary with the texts that I will be sending. I mean, woah! I feel like my outer space frenzy has been incorporated with this limited interaction.

SkyFile Mail provides cost-effective email, fax and SMS messaging over a variety of satellite networks including: Iridium, Inmarsat GSPS, Inmarsat BGAN, and Thuraya. You know, those basic phones with satellite transmission capabilities. I thought and also considered maybe Amihan will fancy this idea. Because I know she’s a doomb’s day prepper. Skyfile Mail could be handy in times of limited communications and maybe during natural or unnatural disasters. SkyFile is optimized with satellite communications in mind and has features such as crash-recovery if the signal is dropped and compression to reduce unnecessary usage.

What I realized is that, in the age of easy-access and easy communication process, you won’t probably appreciate how important it is to send a two sentence message for a friend away from home.

Yup, you gotta count those letters because every space counts.

Meanwhile, after my Space Exploration enthusiasm, I decided to go back in time and enumerate my favorite Japanese actors and actresses and decided to go and celebrate my very own “Japanese Film Appreciation” festival while letting Amihan to participate with the act. I streamed a couple of Japanese movies since last week and Amihan and I have been discussing about what we already watched. I’ll be posting my Japanese Film Festival review one of these days here so I will just pretend that you are looking forward for that since this blog has been soliloquy lately.

Good night and God bless.


Would you look at that sunrise!?