Change For The Better

Zenia Yevgeni Sketch

Just went out for a short vacation to Surigao Del Sur and visit my mother as I think I badly needed some rest. I have just recently resigned from my graphic design job slash social media marketing job because I have to focus now on at the Wallberry which will be opening on August 8, 2017. I have so much in mind in working finally as the boss in my very own restaurant. Things like how to get along with my employees, how to take care of the customers and trying to meet deadlines. Some of those things. Those are just the simple things that I constantly think of and part of that are the finances needed. Which makes everything complicated and a bit stressful in my part. For one month for trying to fix the finances to fund this project it made me really want to explode. As in literally I just wished my head would just blow up just so these thoughts would end up immediately. I couldn’t do that right?

I actually have seriously personal issues which of course I couldn’t post here rather it would be very weird for you guys to know. So I immaturely decided to pack my things up, called my mother and told her that I’d be visiting her on the day I packed my bag. I feel a bit sad because again, I was really selfish of leaving Lucy under my best friend’s care. I feel really stupid right now writing these. I feel…really…really…stupid.

I know he’ll understand me as I have asked for his permission to leave her behind for the mean time as I fix these shit. Anyway, this is way getting more personal right now.

I was also planning not to share this one on Facebook again, since it would be so weird if the people close to me would know about these things. I was also (what the fuck is wrong with the dogs outside?) like…I forgot what I’m supposed to write bow because of the dogs barking outside. Oh yeah! I was also not expecting anyone would read as far as this sentence goes.

I’ve traveled really far, farther than I actually expected. I thought the travel will only take me about 6 hours but what the hell! It took me 10 hours to reach my mother’s house by bus. I was really pissed off while riding it since 1. I left Davao City on a rush hour which means traffic is AF as ever and 2. There were student passengers along the way and the bus driver was very kind enough to let these kids ride the bus making it every now and then dropping off them from one place to another. Why are there so many students? Because no. 3. It rained really hard making it really hard for people to find a accessible public transit on time. I was already sick with my playlist as I only downloaded 15 songs.

It has been three days since I planned to put a post with this site and I found a way to access this using my mother’s smartphone. And on the third day of staying here, I have finally drawn something on my sketch book which is posted at the top of this page.

I’m planning to stay here for another week because I realized I don’t have anything to do in Davao when I come back.

In about a week or so, my life will definitely changed.

Change for the better I hope.