DWR Chapter 1: From Up Above

Defter Wolf Ruins


–Chapter 1—

He was rushing to reach home on a late Friday night as he was not prepared for the storm being alarmed on the daily news this morning. Nicolie a very rich, handsome young man probably has everything he needs. He was very busy in reaching his goals that he often forgets that he was doing it all alone. As he was thinking deeply about how lonesome his life was in his car, that blinding light arguing behind the thick clouds above caught his attention.

Darkness filled the sky. Billows of angry clouds filled every inch of space. Countless chain of thunders that looks like party bulbs flashing anonymously here and there. Up above, two thick lights came crashing into each other. Like a battling treacherous thick white roots in the heavens. It hit with each other as it speeds down towards the ground. It happened so fast that it struck the concrete road carelessly. The street jeered with car alarms that it scared Nicolie to death.

He couldn’t see anything as he went half blind while the whole block was covered in debris. He didn’t move. He was looking for any movement from all the loud sounds that the thunder made to the ground along with all the cars slowly quieting one after the another. There was no one there except him. He didn’t even know where he was or why he was there, to begin with. He was in a deep trance as if someone is pulling him to witness this Heaven and Earth encounter. He tried to get out of the car slowly and murmured “I can’t believe this happening.” He stared at his roughly scratched car and then the ground vibrated like there was some kind of a huge truck drawing out from the ground. The ground continued to shake as Nicolie crumpled himself beside his car. He saw the ground open like a huge zit coming out from it. The trembling faded out and then again it freaked out Nicolie. He had no idea why he was still there amidst all the series of unforeseen events. His eyes were glued to the ground where he suspected the earthquake must have occurred. The ground looked as if a carved rose was sculpted on purpose. Without any hesitation, he just trusted his guts, he went closer to see what may have caused this opening.There were no smoke, no fire, not even a trace of a disaster. It was, by far, the most romantic thing the Earth could shape in the entire history of humankind. He went closer without precaution. He went slowly after reaching the foot of the crack. As he stretched out his head to see what’s inside, he saw a sizzling tube that looks something like a candy jar. “What could this be? Smells like a dead rat.” Nicolie was suspicious enough not to be scared with this kind of happenings. He once considered himself an alien believer. He went back to his car, took a blanket from the trunk and then skid towards the jar. He covered it with the blanket just to make sure he wouldn’t be contaminated or whatever imaginations he was concluding. The jar looked so pretty that it was glittering in the blue and green light. He threw the jar in the back seat of his car. Drove away from that anonymous destruction and drive straight home.

Nicolie was still on a verge of complete nothingness. The only thing that is on his mind was to get home, get cleaned up and take a rest.

“Elyies! I’m home!” As soon as he reached his abode. Elyies is the daughter of Nicolie’s servant. She took her mother’s job after it passed away two years ago. Elyies is such a beauty that her cashew hair color looked like as if she’s an aspiring teen superstar. She’s almost as tall as Nicolie and at the same age as he is. Her lips pink as a rose, her cheek’s soft as a baby. She probably wouldn’t be recognized as a servant of how pretty she is. Nicolie didn’t make her feel she’s a servant. They are more like good friends that they even watch movies together on a Friday night.
“What’s that you’re carrying sir?”
“You wouldn’t believe what I’ve been through. There’s this huge crack on the ground around the far east of town and…”
“You’ve got a scar on your forehead. Let me fix that.” She slowly moves toward the kitchen where the medicine box was stored. Nicolie dropped himself on the sofa.
“I thought I was just fine. Didn’t notice this scar earlier.”
“That’s because you were so busy thinking to go home as fast as you can.” As Elyies dabbed the syringe on Nicolie’s wounds. “Sir, it’s my birthday today and I was planning to go home to countryside tomorrow.”
“I’m sorry Elyies, I completely forgot it’s your birthday. You know what? You can take the week off. You need a break.”
“Seriously, sir? This means so much to me.” She was really happy about the good news that she stood up and drop the medicine on the floor.
“My apologies, have you eaten? I’ve prepared dinner for you.”
“Sounds perfect, Elyies. That’s what I like about you. I feel like I’ve got a wife.”
Nicolie was surprised he said that to Elyies and he went red after that.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t get what you just said, sir.”
“Oh! Nothing. I said I was hungry I could eat a lamb.”
“I thought I’ve heard you said I’m your wife.”
They both enjoyed the dinner that Elyies made and let Nicolie rest at his room after a few smooth conversations at the kitchen while Elyies was doing the dishes.
The next day, Elyies settled everything before leaving. Her luggage was standing right next to the front door. She was about to wake Nicolie up until she saw him coming in from the living room.
“Elyies, I didn’t prepare any gift for you maybe this would do. I saw it yesterday after the weird storm.” Nicolie handed over the jar which he found at the crack made by the tempered lightning last evening.
“Well, thanks for this. It’s heavy! What’s inside this jar?” Elyies had a bit of difficulty holding the jar but still decided to wrap it on her shoulder just so Nicolie wouldn’t feel rejected since she thought she just wanted not to carry this extra baggage.
“I really haven’t opened it yet. Shall we open it now Elyies?”
“I wanted to but I’ll miss the bus.”
“Oh yes, that’s correct. Let me take you to the bus station.” Nicolie moved carefully towards the front door where Elyies was fixing her things.
“Don’t mind me sir Nicolie, I wanted to go to the terminal alone.” her lips curled up innocently as Nicolie stood there staring at Elyies with an awe to her beauty.
“Well, see you soon then.”
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