Inexpensive Art Materials




You don’t need expensive art tools to create a quality output. All you need are just creativity and resourcefulness. You can ditch the Php150.00 pigmented drawing ink for a Php55.00 Marvy Uchida ink. Also an alternative to Sakura Koi Watercolor and or Prang watercolor brands is the Simbalion Water Color Cakes. It does pretty well and can be used for starters like me. Cheaper yet the quality is alike with the expensive ones. For coloring skin tones, a peach Stabilo Boss highlighter would do the job. You just have to control the strength of your hands to manipulate the tone of the highlighter ink. IYKWIM.

I did create a lot of things for the past few days and that includes having been able rekindle art materials back into its useful track. Then I found a new set of watercolors which are cheaper than what I already have but nonetheless works absolutely better. Thank goodness I was able to jump back again into creating stuff that matters all because of one Youtuber who I have discovered three days ago that shares her sketch book to the public. That actually helps a lot! That’s probably how everyone else feels when they see my art works. It makes them feel inspired and to be creative in a way they got an idea from my works. So it goes along with me as well from other artists that I look up to. That’s a crazy idea.

Some of the art materials I’ve discovered…


Simbalion Watercolor Cake


Peach colored Stabilo Boss Highlighter (good for skin coloring), Marvy Uchida pigmented ink for drawing.

I’ve de-stashed my Faber Castel Color pencils and did a minor sharpening to make their colors liven again. No need to purchase another set you guys. Just flourish them with a little care and recycling and they’ll be good to go.

Oh yeah, I forgot.

Today is my 5th Anniversary here on WordPress. I was supposed to post a blog about it but this subject came out effortlessly. I think I deserve a toast for this one. LOL.