Lucky Sketch Of Team DDI


I’ve always been fascinated with writing since High School freshman. During those year, there was this task – more like an assignment – to write at least one sentence about how we spent our day. The teacher says we can have all the freedom to put whatever we want on the designated pages. For some it was a grueling task. For me, it was a piece of cake. I felt like I was born for it. It was natural. Natural which means I don’t feel any pressure of writing or putting an entry on each page since I enjoyed sketching and doodling. Not to mention I’ve doodled in every page there is including the Saturday and Sunday Pages.


During Sophomore, we have this “Make Your Own Journal” project. This is a bind pages of blank white papers glued together to create your own notebook. In my case, I used a construction paper just so it would look clean and sturdy. I still remember how it looked like; The cover was quaint red with a calligraphy of somewhat a misspelled haiku and an illustration of an ancient God of Ganges River at the back. Knit wits I’m such a nerd! That probably is my first ever Lucky Sketch Journal. Everyday I rest my soul into it. Soon I realized that I was impeccably making a diary when my brother teased me about it and what’s worst is that he actually read everything I put in it. I’ve written there my High School honky-tonky love story. How it breaks my heart seeing “her” with that bastard Senior ask whole! Those stuff. Regrets. I defly insisted that it was a “journal” not a “diary” let me remind you. I don’t like calling it a diary of course. I’m not Anne Frank. If you know Jeff Kinney, this was also his introduction to his “The Diary of The Wimpy Kid.” I believe he has dozens of regrets during his early lifetime. He’s an icon. Please if you have time, try to search for Lucy Knisley – her travel sketch journal the ‘French Milk‘ is the best sketch journal that definitely inspired me. Onur Yeldan of Dreamworks and his amazing watercolor techniques, ecstatic.  John Atkinson‘s the ‘Wrong Hands‘ and Sara Becan for her ‘Saucesome‘ comic skits. Anyway, Since then, I really made writing as a secret. Because I felt it would be such a shame for a guy to write. I mean, I don’t know any guy other than myself who loves writing back then. So I ended up being a closet writer.

Well…Remember Multiply? Yes, Multiply became my outlet. I realized I could not consume this what I consider my “intelligence,” because there is always a need for me to write. So I used Multiply to channel this so called “intellectual” needs and of course release the artistry in me. I’ve gained so much knowledge and developed my skills with writing using my Multipy page behind the name akiruwuchen. I’ve made my Multiply account as private as possible for self viewing purposes only. Evidently, I’m still not confident enough to let the world know that I like writing. Then I’ve transferred to Blogger Dot Com when Multiply went absurdly deceased.

2009, I went to WordPress under the name Lucky Sketch (this blog). Again, I have no plans of exposing myself that I have been writing all these years because at that time I didn’t know that I was just simply scared to let everyone know that I write. I write because it feeds my soul. I write to calm down my spirit. I write so I could talk to myself. The only thing that I probably need is to accept that small part of me that I am a writer- a blogger! That I like blogging! At first I could not admit that I am a blogger. I was not proud of it to begin with.

Last year, A friend encouraged me to join the Davao Digital Influencers and as I quote she mentioned “You are unique. You could add colors to the group.” You know, sometimes unique means weirdo and I kinda like being weirdo. So, I tried to break the monopoly (LOL) and I said to myself “Hey, no harm in trying.” So I signed up to the group without ever knowing anyone except the person who invited me. I joined the group with these intentions in mind: to learn more about blogging and to meet people alike- my dittos!

It was just last year, that I finally realized that embracing a part yourself could not be such a bad thing after all. During the DDI acquaintance party, I was really surprised by the numbers of bloggers, writers, vloggers, micro-bloggers and social media influencers in Davao City. It was inspiring knowing they’re really proud of what they are doing. Now that I found a community whom I can share the same passion as me, I felt absolutely homed. I’ve met random people during the first DDI official gathering and I have to admit, these guys are really talented. I’ve only had personal interactions with some of the members during the DDI activities most definitely during the Eagle’s Ridge visit and the WayPH travel. Here are some of the #TeamDDI (that I came across with) which will be represented with a slightly timid sketch below:

Team DDI Project Collage

Team DDI Project Collage 2

I am very thankful for DDI for giving me the strength to jump off my boundaries. The will to pursue this passion and courage to…(hehehe)…know the difference. Right now, I will tell you honestly, I feel that I am not just Lucky Sketch. I am Jake of #DDIfamily. I am proud to be part of the team because of the personal development I have gone through. This experience helped me to inspire others by influencing them in writing and discovering their niche. That’s why if I know someone who started writing, I encourage them to keep up. For those who have plans to write, I encourage them to kick off.

The Davao Digital Influencers Inc. validated my pursuit in writing.

So when the time comes, and I say I already have this situation for example:
“Ooii, Jake, blogger daw!”

I always have this snap:
“I am not just a blogger. I am a DDI registered blogger!”


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