Top 5 Coffee Shops In Davao For Thinkers


As far as I know, there are only 5 cafes in Davao which artists, writers and thinkers could comfortably create their masterpieces. I mean considering the stillness of the cafe, the minute sound, the comfortable table, good coffee, good food, very attentive staff. You know- a place where we could just sit down and focus our inspiration to create something good. Away from the populated common coffee shops like the ones at the malls.

Well, here is my top 5 list for coffee shops in Davao City for thinkers:

5. Green Coffee in J.P. Laurel Avenue. – What’s good about this coffee shop is that they are open even on holidays. The shop is spacious and although they are a bit filled with customers the noise is much lesser compared to the other coffee shops. Good for long period of studying, sketching and video editing as the internet speed is good.

4. Coffee At Yellow Hauz in V. Mapa, Mabini Street. -Not a surprise that this shop is instilled with inspiration since the owner herself is an artist. There’s even an art shop right next to it. Art workshops sometimes are held here and the place has a good space for parking. Good place for thinking and probably reading your favorite book.

3. Morning Light Art Gallery in Quirino Ave. – Not much of this art gallery is known that there is a space for artists at the second floor of the Art Shop specially dedicated for artists! A good table for you to work on, very cheap coffee and snacks since they’ve just started and in case you run out of art materials, you can just simply go downstairs and purchase what you need. Solemn, I swear. Perfect for artists! You can finish a novel because the place is definitely instilled with inspirat

2. Coffee Grounds Davao in Roxas Extension – I wrote my blog entry here when I joined the Davao Digital Influencers, Inc. and I am so proud to say that I won first place which will fly me to Taiwan! So this shop for me is remarkable. I’ve also did some of my watercolor arts here because the place is kept calm.

Well, the reason why I posted this blog is because I finally found the perfect place for us thinkers, doodlers and sketchers to keep calm and create stuff. So at the top of my list provided me a venue to bring back the motivation that I need. Which made me create these simple sketch for almost three months of ennui:


  1. Think Up  located at J.P. Laurel Avenue, Bajada – Coffee is okay, sandwich is okay too, cakes are well, they are okay too. But the the place is REALLY okay. That’s why I was comfortable creating stuff. The staff also were very friendly. Enough reason why I was able to comfortably sit down and write and draw and listen to music. Enough reason to jump start again my ideas and continue with my graphic novel.


I was also been inspired to create a sketch that’s why I got to finish this color pencil art.

Thanks for reading!

More details about these coffee shops are linked to its Facebook Page.