The Epicurious Gastropub

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I’ve noticed this store being constructed months before it has opened since I live nearby and I was wondering whether it will be another coffee shop or maybe a restaurant. So when one of the host also the resident chef, Ms. Cheska Jopson, opened its doors, I instantly set up Amihan Ross to have a blind date with a special someone which she literally has no idea. I suggested this place to her because I was really fascinated with the facade. Why? The whole place looks comfortable. Looks expensive. Classy to be exact (but wait until you will see the difference with the prices). Good for dates and other gatherings.


The Epicurious GastroPub is a fusion of Mexican, Italian and Filipino cuisine but they are also looking forward to expand with EuroAsian as they are still on soft opening. It is the first and the only GastroPub in the city at recent. You’ve gotta believe me, the place is unique. Instagram worthy.  Imagine this: simply just sit down, order one of their cold brew, eat, chill and have a drink at their mini bar and just enjoy the companion that you are with. But with Amihan’s case, she’s just waiting for her date for a seriously long period of time. But no worries! The menu won’t let you feel left out. Also, the owners are planning to invite live acoustic band in the future and has been in search for local artists to serenade diners so singles like Amihan Ross wouldn’t feel lonely and bored.

So here are some of the food that they serve which you can buy at a seriously affordable prices.

Blackened Spare Ribs With Sauce Duo – my favorite. Tender meat. There’s no need actually for sauce as it’s already flavorful but if you want your taste buds to travel into infinity, you can dip it with the duo sauce provided. Price is around P150-P200.


Epicurious Crispy Pata – I just pulled out a bone from this one just to make sure that the flavor is real and instilled. Turns out this one is one of the best crispy pata in town. it has a garlicky taste which makes it way better. Don’t eat this one if you are on a diet. You’ll definitely order another rice or probably a bottle of beer. Price is around P300-P400.


Pork Sisig – I’m not really a fan of Sisig or any dish which is on the “inside” of any animal, but this one, I’ve tried it for the sake of tasting. Surprisingly, it tastes pretty well. Can’t feel anything creepy. Tastes more like my favorite giniling. Geez! My mouth is shivering I want to eat this again. I want this with a beer! Price is around P100-P200.


Black Calamari with Tartar Sauce – Okay so this doesn’t look black but the chef said it supposed to be black. Can’t remember why it’s not. But anyway, if this thing is supposed to be eaten as is, then I am definitely not a good follower. I ate this one with rice. Can’t help my self but this one really deserves to be eaten with rice. Sorry! Feels just like home. Price is P188.


Blackened Salmon With Honey Lemon Sauce – The fish is so tender, you don’t need your mouth to move. SERIOUSLY! The chef placed everything with accordance. Looks like and tastes like a dish on a 5 star restaurant. I don’t think the price for this one should be inexpensive. I mean, come on! Look at that! Would you believe that this one just costs around P200.00? You can date your expensive girlfriend here! Haha! Kidding. Yes, but seriously. Anyway, I didn’t understand the sauce because maybe it’s new to me or maybe I am just being ignorant. But it’s okay, the salmon itself is just fine.


Chicken Mole Adobo – This one is really interesting. It has a chocolate ingredient but don’t worry. You won’t be able to taste the chocolate only just the color. It’s a shredded chicken adobe and the taste is wonderful and the feel is absolutely interesting. I like bits of food so this one is also my favorite. Price is P120.00.


The Epicurious Cold Brew –  For those who do not fancy alcoholic drinks, they serve these colorful cold brew. Fits any kind of dish.




They serve Ala Carte, Buffet and Catering Services. They have Function Halls for celebrations such as birthdays and other events. Initial Plan with the buffet will only be during the weekends.


As for Amihan, maybe she’ll get another date soon. But she said, she enjoyed the food being served at The Epicurious GastroPub. Is she going back to the place? Yes, of course!

The Epicurious GastroPub


Address: Ground Floor, Dover Lanes Building, Bonifacio corner P. Gomez Street
Davao City 8000
Operating Hours: 11:00am – 02:30pm
05:00pm – 12:00mn
Contact Details: (082) 321 5613
Facebook:  The Epicurious GastroPub
Instagram: @epicgastropub