I probably have edited this page for a couple of times now specially when I’m able to read awesome About Me pages from blogs that I follow. I feel like I have a shit load of ideas.

Anyway, my name is Jake. My grandma coined me as Lucky and I like to Sketch! I never really studied arts or any other inclined courses but I was reluctant enough knowing that I discovered my style innately. Being honest with yourself makes you unique. That’s why I never really left doing cartoons and drawing because that’s who I really am.

The only thing that keeps me moving forward are my inspirations with arts and its temperaments, books that are waiting for me to read, coffee breaks, dreams, nature trips that are waiting on the list, my very humble and limited friendships and my desire to officially be published.

This page serves as my stash full of artworks, ideas, chops, comics, illustrations, random researches, antics, adversities and successes. 

So long as you give full credits, all illustrations shown here including short stories are mine unless mentioned otherwise and are all up for grabs.

I am open for courtesy or commissioned arts. Please don’t hesitate to email me whatever ideas that you have at luckysketchproduction@gmail.com 

Let’s make a better world!

Thank you very much!



41 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks! Your “kid’s style” drawing is refreshing, especially when “good art” is often wrongly defined by society as “realistic art.” 🙂
    Your drawing philosophy (especially how you think that your drawing style helps others see things more easily) is also very eye-opening and inspiring!

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  2. Thanks MimiTa! Thank you for saying that. My artworks are nothing compared to what others are doing. But I guess the wisdom I earned is that, there are still people – like you, who can appreciate these little things that I do. I am glad that I could help at least in simple ways. Looking forward to your future sketch posts!

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  3. Your drawing style is so amazing!! It’s so watercolor-y but also so crayon-y. My thoughts are all over the place haha…I don’t know how to describe what I feel about your pictures. But they’re really awesome. Like that’s all that I can say haha
    Your blog has inspired me to also sketch more and maybe also upload my drawings to the internet someday, so thank you for that!

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  4. Hey sketch dude, love your handi work, Ive never taken the time to sketch and thus pretty bad at it. Seeing as computers overtook the art world a little with the likes of paint, coreldraw, illustrator etc it made me even lazier..
    Do you use any computer sketch programs at all or is it all good old paper n pen? I tend to scan, then trace bitmap then manipulate, at least it looks semi decent then. But you have it in your hands man, kudos!

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  5. 7-Day Nature Photo Challenge: Day 5 | Quingdom.com

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