Top 10 Noodles Safe For You To Eat

Atomy Potato Noodle

We could not deny that noodles are somewhat considered as our struggle food. It’s so easy to cook and it’s so easy to spend some money for it as it is very affordable. I’ve once seen a research video about noodles from a random post on Facebook that features students being interviewed about their struggle foods and of course at top of the list is the noodle.

“Stop eating noodles.” You probably heard this one if you are a noodle fan. It won’t do you any good. I am a bit guilty about that since I also go for noodles if I am out of budget. Disregarding the healthy options.

“Excessive consumption of salt/sodium can increase a person’s risk of high blood pressure and stroke. A person who consumes only three servings of instant noodles daily will be malnourished over time as he will not get the required amount of nutrients like protein, vitamins and minerals to support health.”

What if I will tell you that there are 10 noodles that are really healthy to eat?

Sorry! I can’t.

There are no other healthy noodles out there that is good for your health except THIS one.


No, this is not a paid advertisement. But a testimonial that this noodle really is fair and honest. The Atomy Kamja Romandeun Chaeshik Ramyeon (Atomy Potato Vegetarian Noodle) is made out of potato starch (5 Potatoes in each pack – 90gms), rice flour, vegetable flakes (dried green onion and dried carrots) and korean red pepper powder. Which means that this noodle is good for vegetarians and health buffs alike. There’s no other noddles that’s as honest as this one in the market.

I probably am the first person to blog about it here in my country as this is still not available in the Philippine market as of this writing.

You know that this one is healthy because the noodles are so soft and smooth. The vegetable flakes are lifted when boiled and the korean pepper powder dissolves easily into the noodles after boiling. Whoever put a trend on Samyang Noodle challenge must’ve not heard about Atomy Potato Vegetarian Noodles since It’s a level 2 spicy too.

Atomy Potato Noodles can only be purchased through online shopping.

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