Migrating Your WordPress.com to WordPress.org


I spent the whole evening trying to figure out how to migrate my WordPress.com to WordPress.org and it didn’t do me any good as I was distracted by Darla’s Push Bag invasion with local celebrities. I don’t know why I have a thing for “what’s in your bag” topic. It makes me want to compare other people’s daily dealings with the things that they bring. Yeah, I spent 2 hours watching again nonsense Youtube Videos. But then again, I went back to my real goal which is to research about wordpress migration.

It’s been almost 9 years now since I started blogging and about 7 years staying here on WordPress.com. I think it’s about time for me to move to a brand new system which will allow me to conventionally manipulate all the things that I desire to change. Yep! I am moving to WordPress.org soon and I still am looking forward for more learning and pain in the neck discoveries.

You see, blogging serves as my happy little pill. It’s my venue to channel out my stress and relieve my absurd depression. It’s an online redemption of life’s little malfunctions.


Not that happy anymore with the way this page looks since I can only do limited functions. It pisses me off. I am still in deliberation of migration actually,

Before you take into consideration your blog transfer, you must have a domain name for your blog to function in WordPress.org. There are tons of good web hosting services out there. Popular ones would be the GoDaddy.com , G Suite by Google Cloud and of course the WordPress Domains.  In my case, I purchased my domain name in WP. A bit expensive compared to GoDaddy but I couldn’t ask for more since it’s really easy for me to set up. But if you already own a domain name, then there’s nothing to worry about.


Exporting blog data is free. It’s part of the WordPress feature that you signed up. Sign in to your WordPress Blog and go to Blog Dashboard. Click export on Tools Menu. When you click on Export Tools it will redirect you to a prompt for you to choose to download either FREE or GUIDED ACCESS. Choosing Free is the best thing to do I guess. Then choose to download ‘all content.’


Before uploading your xml document which has been extracted from your WP.Com, you must have an apache server. In my case I used XAMPP for Windows. You can download the software from here: https://www.apachefriends.org/download.html other alternative for an apache server is WAMP you can download it here: http://www.wampserver.com/en/


This is the tricky part. You must have WordPress.org installed in your pc for you to access it locally. Paste your WP.ORG file to your Xampp folder on your drive (C:) to function. Download the WordPress.org file HERE. After downloading, extract the zipped file and copy it to your Local Drive (C:).


Now in some cases, your extracted blog file is too large because WP.ORG can only upload up to 2MB per file. You can have your file split into small files with this WXR file split. You can also download it HERE. If you finished uploading your files to your WordPress.org, then you are good to go!

Sorry I’m not of a big help am I? For more detailed instructions, I actually followed this tech guy on Youtube. He’s very essential and right on you can close your eyes following his instructions. Check it out HERE.

Well, I had a rough pain in the neck creating this blog post. I don’t think this post is helpful in any ways or whatever. Anyway, I hope I could upload all the files without a problem. I will post the pros and cons between the two platforms in the future.

See you around. Thanks!