When Summer Ends


Did I just mentioned yesterday afternoon that I’m slowly feeling the end of summer because people who had spent their time here in Davao who lived away from Davao had already left Davao and with that note, I am slowly beginning to feel missing something because this silence is something that I already I am not getting used to.

Three months ago, when summer just started, I kinda had this awesome spending time with my mother as she had also spent the Summer Vacation here in the apartment (we call it center because in reality it’s an apartment but we used it for our business distribution hub). Having a mother with you is the best advantage you could ever have in your life. The apartment’s really clean and organized. Mornings are filled with breakfast and dinner’s always the best. She just left three days ago making it Summer Ends.

Two months ago, my best friend flew away from Davao City, which means that drinking nights and sober mornings are over. I didn’t realize how drunkard I was when he was still here in Davao until I realized I missed so much with my nights not being inside any other bar every other night. This really makes really sense right now. Spending time with my best friend TOO much made me someone that I am not supposed to. I mean, yes, I suffered from depression and drinking probably is the only outlet that I could go into. But I could not dwell with that anymore. I must move on and become the better person than before. It’s just so sad that I was not successful in lifting my best friend with me in discovering that there is so much in life other than just drinking the night out. I mean, what the hell just happened?


A month ago, my friend, her name is Aileen (she’s the one wearing a red shirt on stripe), is gonna get married to a Korean PERSON (the one carrying a pink bag in front). That Korean person arrived and lived with me here in the apartment so as not to spend so much money while staying here in the Philippines. We really didn’t had much communication in the beginning as I still am pretty sure that my Korean language sucks and I know he probably won’t be able to understand a thing and that goes the same way to him. He didn’t had much English language in him so…yeah, the whole situation is like communicating through actions since, by the way, body language is the universal language. A week ago, his Korean family went here in the Philippines and they are going to get to witness their wedding. So, we kinda had a very small celebration with my family, Aileen’s family and Jaewoo’s family as well. The most remarkable thing that had happened probably is meeting Jaewoo and becoming friends with him even though we only had a few exchange of words. Cigarette is bad for your health but it could win you a friend. It’s the only connection we had during the whole one month of stay here in the Philippines.

People leave. You know.

What’s the most enduring feeling is that seeing the people who you see everyday suddenly leave in an instant.


Anyway, this is just random. Nothing really serious in particular.

Good night.




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