Just Trying To Write Whatever


I was planning to game up my BLOGGING and explore with more of the “artfulness” since what the heck is this blog for if I’d be moving away from its purpose? Yeah, I think that’s what it’s all about.

Apart from making myself busy with my new work at a bank, I’ve also been spending more time taking care of our Spa business. Just a few walk from my office and the apartment which I am staying. It’s very convenient in my part because every where is just a walking distance. Which means, I have more time now…at least as supposedly, more time to make this thing work once again.

To cover up the free time, I locked myself with inspirational YouTube videos to focus myself to extracting ideas on what to do next with this blog…and unexpectedly, it also boost up my writing. (Sorry I’m just being random).

What are the things that is on my head right now?

  1. Search for music for my upcoming Vlog which will happen when I have another travel.
  2. Do some research on where to go next for our summer outing with two of my bank mates. Just because they demanded it.
  3. Try to at least reflect on the idea of Bisaya Sketch as suggested by a Vlogger friend. Also, he’s willing to help me create a content on what to do next. But, you know, I’m too preoccupied as of the moment.

Oh Yeah before I forgot! I’ve made two THREE Vlogs since the last time I checked in here. I’ll probably post them on a separate blog entry just to keep this page updated with whatever that is happening in this shitty life.

More updates! More updates!

I just really wanted my eyeglasses NOW.