Gratitude Blog: Year Long Thanksgiving

I’m actually going to make this blog one for the kill of time. Whatever that means. To be completely honest, I think I should finish this gratitude blog before it hits 3AM which is about an hour from now. I’ve been thinking hard lately about what I should write here, aside from my Ragnarok themed topic. So much of that and probably more on what really matters to me as of the moment.


I’ve focused much of my energy of being feeling thankful for the beginning of the year and it has definitely helped me through the early months, because without gratitude, I would be feeling oppressed, feeling left out and feeling like “do I still deserve this kind of life that I am living in the moment?” Yes. Without the feeling of gratitude, I won’t probably feel satisfied with my life right now.

Thankful for the time that I was able to spend with my family. I could not be more feeling thankful for their presence. It was such a healing and self cure to have spent time with them.

Thankful for the job that I have for without it, there would not be any means to cover up with my needs and wants. I am all soulfully very thankful for it that I always bear in mind to wake up in the morning, work hard, and do my best with it.

Thankful for the place that I live right now, the roof that has been protecting me and not to mention how convenient it has been as it is very close to work. So thankful.

Thankful for the limited friendships that I have. Their thoughtfulness and their separate influence in my life has helped me to be at close into my sanity.

Thankful for all the people who I encounter at work or any place who have giving me blessing no matter how big or how small they have been.

Thankful for the coffee breaks.

Thankful for the online games which consumed my time away from the ill thoughts and also filled in my depressive, alone moments.