Siberian Husky All Breed Championship Dog Show

I think it was about a year ago when I first saw this Facebook promotion with this premium water themed park to be built in Mindanao. The promotion was all about these eye envying splurge of water backed up with that cool sound track of I think I couldn’t remember what was that. I SERIOUSLY remember I said to myself that I will go there no matter what!

This would be a two part blog entry plus a vlog to simply just document my travel.

Part 1
Day 1

Then surprisingly I had this opportunity to travel to where the water park is, which is in Cagayan de Oro City- an eight hour bus ride from Davao City. See, our first reason to do the trip was because of the Kagay-anon Responsible Association of Siberian Husky (KRASH) owners in Cagayan de Oro City – an inspired extension of the organization which I have co-founded here in Davao City the Davao Association of Siberian Huskies (DASH). The founding members of KRASH invited me together with our DASH Secretary which happened to be my college buddy SV Merlas, took that opportunity to treat ourselves a short vacation from all of the stress, anxieties and sadness from Lucy’s departure. So we thought “Hey why not go to CDO and participate with KRASH’s daring spearheading events!” So we did laid out our busy schedules and our budget as well.

August 24, 2018.

Although we barely had a plan, we still decided to travel anyway amidst the crazy weather in Davao. Initial plan was to leave Davao City at 9:00pm but that website slayed the bus schedule so we ended up taking the 1:00am bus ride. So that’s eight hours of travel which means we’ll be at CDO by 8-ish and the event will start at 9:00am so we only have a couple of minutes to not look like shit from sitting on a bus for EIGHT fucking hours.

August 25, 2018
Cagayan De Oro City

No offense but CDO check point security personnel really isn’t a treat to the mood and to the eye whilst entering the city. You see, this is one of what I call the “culture shock” although this is the same country, of not being able to digest the differences from Davao City to the other neighboring cities. As I’ve stepped on for frisking a military personnel snapped out at me shouting “ASA IMONG ID? IGAWAS NA!” (where’s your ID? Take it out!) and everybody was looking at me as if I did something terrible. I’ve still got that squinty eyes from jumping out of that bus. Davao military personnel would just simply say “Sir/Ma’am, igawas lang daan ang mga ID.” (Sir/M’am, be ready for your IDs). POLITENESS overload.

Good thing though, CDO’s public market is SERIOUSLY CLEAN legit. It’s very clean! I can smell nothing but food, bread, soup, eggs, some vegetables. You know, yeah really clean. SV and I was really impressed by how the market ladies are so OCD!

We headed straight up to SM City CDO which is up at the hill. Took some refreshers and used the public toilet to wash up because we had no other time to do it. The first event was the PCCIS’ All Breed Championship Dog Show in the morning where our friend – sir Anthony Castillo of the Wolf Castle competed and WON first place on the event. On the afternoon, I was able to finally meet Ms. Sidney Bascon – one of the first few families who brought the Siberian Husky breed here in the Philippines. Before, I can only see her on Facebook and shockingly also as she was featured on the local TV presenting her world class Siberian Huskies of the Ascon Kennel. She handled a Siberian Husky basic handling seminar and other basic information of the breed which me and SV took part of.

We ended the day at this CDO park where free rhum were flashed around the streets. Went back to the hotel which I was very nostalgic of since I think it was 8 years ago which I last visited or probably 10 years or I don’t know.

Why am I writing this?

I actually made a vlog about it. You can just watch it here: