DWR Chapter 2: What’s Your Name

LuckySketch Pallete


–Chapter 2—

The smell of country side has never been this so peaceful for Elyies. It was almost four years since the last time she came home. If her mother was still alive, she may have never moved out from this place or think of going anywhere as she was really homed by Shedville District. “She’ville in 10minutes!” screamed the ticket officer. She was sitting on the bus wrapping the chung ja that was given by Niclei as a gift for her birthday. As the sun was setting down, she looked up at the clear orange sky and noticed a pack of birds headed south. In her mind she was thinking about what would Niclie be eating for dinner as she was not there to cook for him. “Well, I think he’s old enough to order something at a restaurant.” The bus went into a full stop and Elyies walked out slowly from the bus.

Shedville is a small district which has around one thousand people who lived. Farmers, bakers and artisans lived here harmoniously. The place is popular for its skilled bakers and it’s what this place is boastful about. “I missed the smell of freshly baked evening bread.” Elyies headed straight to her house which is just a few blocks away from the main street. The cobblestoned henge-like street walls makes everything looked like calming and very serene.
“Why is this jar getting heavier?” As she set it aside together with her luggage and settled into her dusty house. “I want to rest but look at this place!?” She spent hours cleaning her house and eventually drained out and slept unintentionally.


The sound of river flowing. Soft thin layer of water crippled through thin air. It was so clear that it sounds so clean. It slowly moves faster. Faster than a dolphin’s swift straight. It was the sound of waterfalls. The sound was getting terrible. As if it was the sound of three whirlpools colliding each other. A loud thunder banged into nowhere. “What is that?” The water slowly fades out. A huge knock on the door replaced it under Elyies’ ears. She wakes up and sees the inside of her house with water markings on the wall. She presumed there was a flood during when she was sleeping. “I don’t understand. It was just a dream but…” she was talking to herself but a voice screeched behind the door “Hello? Is anybody there? Your faucet is leaking!” The voice sounded like it was a young man. “What? Who are you? Thanks anyway but we don’t have faucet here on Shedville.”

“Well, you need to see this.” asked the guy who is at the outside.
Elyies peeped through the window just to be sure that it was not a burglar. He saw an orient-tan skinned young man. Black brown hair, brown eyes. A look of an honest and an appealing young man. He was about the same height as Niclei, she thought. Then she decided she could go out.
“Your waterfall killed your flowers ma’am.” he swayed his hands showing that her garden was definitely got swooshed by the unknown water.
“Goodness! What happened?” She ran into her self kneading garden trying to make some of them fix albeit it was drenched in water.
“Where did all those water came from?” Asked the young man while looking inside the house. “That’s strange.”
“I have no idea. Did it rained last night?” she stood up, and she realized she was wearing minus the shirt she wore yesterday. “Nope, it didn’t and besides you shou…” he stopped as Elyies went running inside the house blushing and waiting to burst out from shame.
“Ahhh…ma’am? Hello?”
“Ma’am I haven’t introduced myself.” He looked inside and sees Elyies’ shadow from the window.
“You can go now. I’ll fix that later when you’re gone.”
“Well, I can fix these for you. I am a gardener, by the way. Well, technically a farmer.”
“Really now?” Elyies was not convinced of this young man’s skills as this person looked nowhere near like a gardener. She fixed herself and then went outside carrying things to be used for clearing and toiling the disturbed area.
They’ve spent the whole day trying to fix the deluged garden, trying to put things into place. Elyies’ backyard was full of mud that it looked like a chocolate pie from afar. The young man however, as skilled as he is, made Elyies’ home looked better than yesterday. As he was a farmer, he was able to toil areas. He asked Elyies’s if he could plant some corn, vegetables and other crops around which he insisted.
They had a very busy day. Elyies learned so much about the guy who helped him. They’ve talked so much about themselves; where they grew up, the things that they love to do and their plans in the future. They both feel at ease with each other. Elyies thought she was just talking to Niclei and she had a very weird sensation that she missed him. Of course she said to herself that’s impossible. They laughed so hard that they didn’t realize it was getting late. “Wait, before you go, I’ll make you some coffee,” Offered Elyies.
“Sure! I like it black.”
“Good. That’s easy.” Elyies stood up and walked away from the porch, went inside leaving the door open. She continued to talk while trying to get to the pantry. “I’m really sorry about this morning. I usually sleep with pyjamas but I just arrived last night. I was so tired so I just dozed off into my bed.” She took some biscuits, poured two cups of coffee and put it on a tray. “I am really happy that I am home now.” She went outside slowly being careful not to spill the tray.

“What did you say your name was?”

There was no one there.