The Story of The Little Girl, The Paddle and The Boat

The Story of The Little Girl, The Paddle and The Boat
written by Jake Cuamag
Illustrated by Jake Cuamag

There was this little girl who had a dream to cross the ocean. In order for her to cross the ocean she looked for a paddle to keep her rowing. She found a pair of paddle that suits her content. She spent weeks trying to manipulate it until she holds grip with it and controlled it according to her will.

The next thing she needs is a boat. She thought of having a small boat instead of a bigger boat since she thought she won’t be able to find a bigger boat in her town. So one day she decided to head on to the city and then she found the perfect boat for her journey. She was really happy because her dreams are coming true.

After two months of preparation, she began to cross the river. She asked the people in her town although some of them she barely even knows to help her push the boat as she set sails. As the boat moved away from the shore, she felt really proud and yelled to her kin “I’m finally crossing the ocean!” She took off with flying colors.

Sometimes during sailing, she stood up on the boat to see a clearer view of her destination which led the boat rocking. She was really mad that the boat was not steady. She hit the boat using the paddle every time it went rocking.

She began paddling and paddling without rest. Beating the boat out of temper until the boat got broken. She noticed the boat got a little hole and began sinking and sinking. The boat gave up and was not capable of  the journey anymore. The boat sank deeper into the ocean and disappeared. The little girl was deluged and drenched in water swimming back to shore in her town.

All she has now is a pair of paddles.