When The Time Comes

Birthday Sketch

When the time comes, I will surely be getting away from the usual costume design that I always draw because I am too lazy enough to imagine new clothes for these characters. It kinda looked like they’ve been wearing the same stuff for years now and can’t imagine how they stink.

When the time comes, I will definitely be sick about how these characters look like and will definitely be whipping new design of clothes for these guys. My solution to make everything look like fresh and something that I put a thought on is I try to remember what the people around me are wearing and try to illustrate that into sketch drawing. In that way, I may have these guys looked like they’ve pumped up their wardrobe.

Happy birthday to Amihan Ross! We’ve celebrated it last night and had a drink and swept the night away washing those depressive thoughts of being consumed with life’s anxieties and permanent separation. I’m just really glad and happy last night. Went singing my heart out until 5:00 in the morning and never thought about the problems that we are in to.

Yeah, what about the “when the times comes”? or ahh… “when the time comes”? I was Actually confused about that sentence after watching a video I have recorded last night. If we just heard what we were talking about it would’ve have been so awkward. You know what’s the weirdest topic we’ve ever talked about? It’s about sharing our (I can’t believe I am writing this stupid thought right now) sperm cell so that she can finally bear a child. If you ever heard about the Korean TV drama ” Three Dads and One Mom,” then that’s what’s the topic is all about. Crazy.

Not much really happened last night. I was just really reluctant knowing that everything is going into places. Yes, my soul now is saved. All I need is that talk.

I’m such an asshole.

I just want to sleep right now.

The rain and the warm bed is calling me right now.