Please Officer Slice Me A Cake

Episode 8

Davao City’s Check Points are there to help.

If you’re a foreigner, probably Australian, maybe you’ll find it really weird seeing Military Personnel at each Davao City Border. For us, Davaoenos, it’s normal. Alien’s would freak out seeing soldiers with heavy arms roaming around city just that.

So, I remembered this old joke, a guy carrying a knife at a random has encountered a police officer and he was asked “Why are you carrying a knife?” the suspect then answered “Oh, this is nothing officer, this is just in case I come across a cake.”

Okay, yeah it’s corny. Nonetheless, it made me sketch the whole story.

This week’s update:

I have missed writing on my planner for the month of August and September that I seriously lost track of the things that I should be focusing on. I was like thinking more on going home, playing Mobile Legends, lying on my bed, being on Social Media that much and nothing more productive as supposed to what I have been planning for the month of September and October.

I finally decided to lie low on my Social Media Influencing stuff and thinking of making a career of being a solo blogger but that’s just a weird idea right now. I think I should brush off the pressure from my shoulder and just do the things nevertheless.

For the month of October, my one goal is to settle my accounts and travel elsewhere. Travel alone and travel with my family.