Fitspiration Process: How I Ended Up Looking Like A Dehydrated Potato

episode 18

I’ve been really less confident about myself lately that I ended up looking like I’m somewhat an un-sliced dehydrated potato.

Since it’s the beginning of the year, it was my sole intention to get back into my active lifestyle. One positive idea I had in my to begin this journey is to maintain the wisdom to focus. I even bought my self some fitness trackers like the Apple Watch which I think did best with this kind of endeavor and some fitness accessories to pump up my self in attaining what I want to achieve.

What I’ve learned from the past three days of maintaining the flow to reach my goal is that if you want to lose weight, you got to pin-point first what are your weaknesses. If your weakness is you are too lazy to wake up in the morning to lose weight by exercising, then your initial goal shouldn’t be losing weight. Your goal should be to wake up on time. Check up on what’s making you not to achieve waking up in the morning. If the reason is you sleep so late in the evening then you got to adjust yourself and sleep earlier so can wake up early too.

Adjust your habits because if you’ve learned how to discipline yourself, losing weight is just a consolation price.

Good morning everyone.