Where Have All My Clothes Gone

Episode 16
Whoever said ‘nothing good is gonna happen after 2am’ really has zero clue about how minds like mine works.

Well, kind of think of it, I have again skipped the juice of trying to do some cartoon works online because of some of the unexpected priorities that has showed up along the way. Yeah, I still got good ideas written on my notes but then again how am I able to abduct postponing projects when I am too preoccupied trying to be the best person I am at work? LOL.

Oh yeah! I’ve a got a concrete reason why the absence of sketching and doodling digitally has been this so scary is that my fucking brother uninstalled the Photoshop on the laptop. Aside from the point that I really have a high tolerance of ignoring such disturbance, I’ve already mastered the ability to careless about possessions because of my stupid, fucking brother. Makes me an insolent fool.

Well anyway, good thing I had this short time to just here, write, draw a bit, think of course and again, reflect and spend time with this space on the web. I surely really wanted-wishful thinking to sketch once again.


I’ve been spending time more on my bed -this is not my bed, this was at one of the highest condominium in Davao City where we’ve got a chance to stay and use the amenities for free- and some of the time trying to figure out where the hell all my clothes have gone…until I’ve realized I have been living a minimalist life for four months now.

As of the moment, I am just trying to sit out what I just finished eating because sleeping right away after a meal is a crime and a one way ticket to death.

Oh, yeah, by the way. My best friend posted something on our page which I think I might have abandoned because I could not suck everything in yet.

This is what he posted:


I’ve been trying not to assume that I am this “my friend” but I think I am one of those who asked him to make me an Iron Man Mask two years ago.

Well, for those who does not know, I’ve got into a serious fight with my then best friend and we’ve been lost in communication for so long that I kind of getting used to not talking to him and seeing this post – this Facebook Page that we created – about this crazy idea of making Superhero masks makes me kind of missed the old times. Yes, I missed my best friend but I still got things to fix and a whole lot of priorities to be thinking of.

Gotta go sleep you guys. I still have some corporate responsibilities to attend to.

Good night!