Lucky Sketch Recently


I don’t know if you remember or if you have any idea about this written dream in the past between me and my very good friend only under the influence of alcohol. If I am not mistaken, it was just last year that we have discussed to open up our very own “honest store” in the future or a food business so all the money’s worth will be of good use. We’ve been talking so much about our future so hard that we’ve decided to make it come true by thinking so much about it again and again.

There’s something about trying to embrace your future and making it happen by stapling it in your head. That’s what happened to us. It seems like whenever we write something on the notebook. It happens. Apart from the dream store, there were a couple of scribbled notes on my Victoria’s Journal. Some of it probably should be left just there.

So how have I been?

Recently, my friend and I just opened the restaurant. A five-hour travel from Davao. Why have I decided to commit to this far flung endeavor isn’t really clear to me. Everything happened so fast. In just two months it came like an earthquake. I just sniffed and then I am here extracting these thoughts as I am drinking my morning coffee. Sounds cool and chill but seriously I don’t feel good right now.


Yes, I am most definitely glad that the Wallberry came to exist. There were so much pain and trouble before it has been opened. So many connections made that aren’t supposed to be necessary – but it must be done.

Why am I feeling wavy at this point is because of the feeling of being away from everything else that I am used to. Everything that connected me to my sanity isn’t here. I’ve met new people- my crew- although they seem to help me lift up the sad feeling temporarily, I will always have this vacant time to think about the time and space. I’ve also talked to some of them personally which is good. There’s also one factor that I had this blue. My relationship with my business partner was deduced to 30% intimacy. This is seriously SO personal issue that I am having second thoughts of writing. But what the fuck. This is real. At first, I was really proud that I have this bond with her and that we instantly clicked no matter how different we may have been. But because of a particular incident, my thoughts about her was changed. Making my stay here in this (for me an alien place) miserable. I guess I just have to trust with the quote “Time Heals.”


Away from the negatives, the good thing is that I am living my “Bambino” life dream. Bambino is a Japanese TV series starring Jun Matsumoto as Ban Shogo. I’ve been a fan of it since when I was in High School and back then I really wanted to become Ban. Being a waiter, a cook, a cleaner, a dish washer and everything he is. If it weren’t for this TV series I would not have the ability to adapt to this venture easily. Ban Shogo’s tribulations were my inspiration to keep up with work. You can watch the series here:  BAMBINO!.

Anyway, as a starter, never have I thought that the Wallberry would have such a good impact on its first few days of operation as we’ve received customers greater than what we have expected. Lean days are just so-so and weekends are a blast. Please do check my other website for Wallberry which I also manage. It’s .

Here are just two dishes from our menu. Everything is posted on our Facebook page which you can like and follow here: The Wallberry.

I will write soon about these knick knacks. As of this moment, I will just enjoy my cup of coffee. Forget yesterdays, be ready for tomorrow but please enjoy what’s in Today.