Lucky Sketch Episodes


Hello! Thanks for sticking around!

These are my collection of video montages using only my iPhone 5s with the help of a video editing app. Well, I can’t say that I am a travel blogger because I don’t normally put any informative details with every post that I make but yeah, I like video editing! So here are some of the cuts and shots that I did. Hope you enjoy watching them as much as I enjoyed editing and filming!

Lucky Sketch Episode 0
Bantayan Island, Cebu City

This probably is the most remarkable travel I did so far. My best friends and I went on a trip to Cebu City without actually having a concrete plan on what to do there. So we ended up traveling to the Bantayan Island. A 6 hour travel from the Cebu Metro. What’s great about this travel is that everything is candid. I definitely enjoyed the rebellious feeling and the absurd sensation of getting lost and trying to figure out where to go. As you can see, we’re very lucky enough to rent out some bicycles to roam around the island. I’ve posted a blog about it here.

Lucky Sketch Episode 4
Mangagoy, Bislig, Surigao Del Sur

This is my (again) escape from reality trip. I don’t know why I always have this sensation of trying to escape into reality. I’m such a loser. But anyway, I took a vacation to Bislig, Surigao del Sur where my mother lives. I spent probably days just staying inside my mother’s house, doing nothing but watching TV, eating and just drawing. Until one day, I decided to go out and explore the place. I went to the seaside and I have discovered a place which only less people try to visit. The abandoned airport is such a great place to shoot a video or take picture because of the vast landscape. Yes, I was also inspired by One Okay Rock’s music so I thought of creating my own version of the music video. Credit to One Okay Rock for the music. Sorry but I really am a big fan of them.

Lucky Sketch Episode 7
Eagle’s Ridge Rest House & Resort
Arakan, North Cotabato / Buda, Bukidnon

I’m not really sure that this is my 7th episode but I could not deny that this is one of the first few montages that I made. My blogging team went on a trip to Eagle’s Ridge to feature it on our blogs and do the marketing for them. It was one of the best nature trips that I did. So glad that I signed up. I also had the time to explore the area alone so you’ll see that I have some solo time in the video.

Lucky Sketch Episode 10
Solo Pool Days
Mandaya Hotel, Davao City

It has been two weeks since I haven’t gone outside. All I did was sit, watch youtube videos, read a book, drink coffee and nothing aside being idle. I decided to go out and take a dip on the pool just so I could destress this depressive situation. So much Youtube Vlogs I’ve watched that’s why I decided to Vlog without any content in mind. Just plain video recording. ^_^

Lucky Sketch Episode 13
Seaside With The Siberian Huskies
Samal Island

It was just a normal day when I decided to maybe go to the beach and set up a tent, read my book, drink coffee, listen to the sound of the beach and find peace because I needed some to fade some of the frustrations that has been bothering me.

During the last minute of my abrupt decision, I asked Rosebe if she could join me because I felt like we could do it like the old times but she was too busy to join. I informed Geno if he’s game with it and of course, crazy as we already are, he said he also needed this peace that I am also in search for.

We went to Samal Island with our Siberian Huskies and everything else was a crazy ride…


Lucky Sketch Episode 20
Quick Oriental Travel
Cateel Davao Oriental

A much needed escape from reality. Yes, this is what this travel is all about. When all things fail and you don’t understand what’s going on with your life, it’s okay to take a break. Take a break from insanity and feel the rush of the water.

So, come to think of it, my best friend and I have been traveling from unexpected places and lucky our travels are I have begun video shooting for each destination since then. Cateel, a second home for consideration. Our next stop to clean our mischief and reset our journey to start a brand new adventure.



13 thoughts on “Lucky Sketch Episodes

  1. I tend to become more of the “kid’s style” drawing as because I believe it will help them figure things out easily. More of like the easy things to look at. Makes your eyes just relaxed… thanks for pointing that one out!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the variety of your illustrations. For example, I like how you have some “cutesy” pictures and other “picture-book style” illustrations, while you also have other pictures with more of a realistic touch.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I was actually influenced by Japanese animations at first but as I grew up, I have discovered rather a full tray of artists aside from the ones in Japan specifically Lucy Knisley, Sarah Becan and Harvey Tolibao – DC Comic artist. But of course, I am very thankful for Hayao Miyazaki for giving me such inspirations that I can sleep well at night. Thank you Megha!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Beautiful illustrations just loved them. May be in future I can get some illustrations done by you for my blog.
    Can I ask you something?
    When and how you decided you would like to make future in this creative field?

    Liked by 1 person

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