Game Review: Laplace M

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So, since I’ve got tons of gamer visitors for the past few 5 months of writing a game guide article here on my website, might as well give some time to actually give you Game Review with Mobile Games which are mainstream in Social Medias.

Laplace M: Open World Fantasy Adventure which is No. 2 on the Appstore with a rank 4.6 ratings out of 5 paved its way enduring the massive competition of Massive Multiplayer Mobile Online Role Playing Games.

From my point of view, I have this a bit of annoyance seeing how similar the graphics with Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. What I am referring to is its character design except for the part where you got to feel some of the Studio Ghibli vibe if you have played Ni No Kuni or even watched some of Hayao Miyazaki’s films.

What’s unique with Laplace M is that its jam packed romantic adventure where you get to create your love story with other players and create yourself a family.

Game Review:


Talk about graphics, this one is a stunner. You get to have a full 3D adventure and has a full control of the character. This means that unlike other Mobile RPG, you will only get to go to places which are directed. Towns is not so busy as of the moment as the game only has few servers.


There are many servers to choose from and from what I have experienced, you only get to log in to a specific server unlike the Ragnarok M Eternal Love. Most of the servers in Laplace M are full but don’t worry, there will be a suggested server for you to enter for you to experience the game in full.


Since one of promising feature of Laplace M is the Romantic Adventure theme, this means that they have highlighted the easiest interaction possible with other players. This means that they somewhat focused on player to player relationship.


There are as of the moment 8 job class changes for you to choose from 4 main classes which are Mage, Assassin, Warrior and Cleric.

Action Keys:

Directions and newbie guide are easy since it is marked on your screen with an exclamation point “!” The auto attack feature is not available until Level 11 for Laplace M. Navigating quests will also be easy as it automatically redirects you to the quest being picked on the screen.

Battle Interface:

What impresses me the most is the way they made the battle interface with the game. If you have played Mobile Legends they have similar interactions and action keys. Where you can  scroll sideways, point and drop skills to a specific area.

First Impression:

When playing brand new Mobile Online RPG, lower down your expectations so you won’t end up being disappointed. With Laplace M, this game is seriously promising. One pointer is that it’s graphics are to be proud of. I was a bit surprised when just an hour during my playtime, I suddenly had a friend who messaged me about something which I forgot. Which again made this game much more interactive compared to other online RPG. Will I play this game again? Yes, on my spare time. Also, leveling up is not that hard than I ever thought it would be.