Where Should You Invest Your Money

I’ll be travelling to Four Countries this year and I could not bear how excited I am for the time being near. Earlier this morning as I woke up, I watched a local celebrity’s vlog about where should you invest your money. Investing it in real properties, buying a house and or having a business is a good decision and it gives you life stability. However, spending time with your family gives you happiness. That’s what makes our life difficult because of our choices. Choosing one over the other has its own consequences and I’m figuring out how to manage these two because for all I know I really suck at making decisions. 

Before the year has even begun, I have decicde to invest in myself. Invest in travelling and spend time with my family. The travelling part deals with my attempt to move away from MY depression. To mention, I have undergone a quite depression. Two years ago, I found myself on the top of a building near Aeon Tower in Bajada, thinking what worthless life I hav and that I got no one to go to. I still had that thoughts of kicking off the bucket until now.  So I thought, to travel will let me discover how big is the world, how many things I should see, how I should love living and embrace uncertainties. It may seem like I’m just spending money for fun, but I am investng in my self because I love my soul and I will give the life it deserves.

I do not have a thick wallet this year but I do know that Ill be able to love myself even more and take care of myself. With that, I will be strong for my family and take them with me along the way.

What’s up ahead for this blog site? 

There will be more travel informations here. More fitness goals, more of whatever ideas that I will have in the future.