Why Philippine Fast Food Chains Don’t Sell Coke

Kalag: “Sir, we don’t have Coke. Is it okay to serve Iced Tea Instead?

Thomas: “Do you acceot Play Money?”

Have you ever wondered why most of our Fast Food Chains here in the Philippines does not have any Coke products? Have you ever missed drinking your Coke Float or ever wondered why we have scarcity with this fizzy drink?

No offense Pepsi but I’m really a fan of Coke. There’s something in it that Pepsi or any kind of Cola products doesn’t have.

My mother also is addicted with it…actually my whole family does! It’s a disaster. It’s something that I should have together with my favorite chicken meal either in Jollibee or McDonald’s and it just so fitting.

But why do we have this shocking shortage of Coke at our beloved Fast Food chains?

I went online and have researched about it and got this article from Coconuts.co/manila

“In May, Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines, Inc. filed a complaint to the National Economic and Development Authority because local refiners have allegedly refused to sell them sugar because of a sugar shortage.

The price of raw sugar also continues to increase. According to a report by The Philippine Daily Inquirer last month, the average mill-gate price of sugar was over PHP2,000 (US$37.38) for the first time since 2016.”

Yep, that’s right. Fast food chains stopped selling coke because of sugar shortage. The sugar refiners refused selling sugar!

That’s somewhat irritating and a good news to ditch your Coke intake and replace them with just Pineapple.

Source: https://coconuts.co/manila/news/manilas-fast-food-chains-coca-cola-shortage/