Talingchan, Floating Market – Bangkok, Thailand


When you are in Bangkok and you plan to visit its famous Floating Market, please take note that there are a lot of Floating Markets in Bangkok. You don’t want to end up being charged $25.00 for an hour tour around the Chaor Praya River.

Most of the mislead tourist were redirected to the Talingchan Floating Market in Bangkok. It’s not actually a bad location for tourists as it will let you explore what’s around the river. The tour packages around the place offers an hour trip to the Chao Praya river which will end at the famous temples such as the Wat Pho and Wat Arun.
The only downside you probably will realize after the tour is that it’s way too expensive for just a boat ride. Nevertheless, my visit at the Talingchan Floating Market was also memorable.


To get to the market, you can either ride a boat near the Chao Praya river or by riding the BTS and get off at the last station which is the Wongwian Yai station and grab a taxi which will cost you around 150Baht.

The Taling Chan Floating market still is growing to be a tourist spot just a kilometer away from Bangkok City proper. Compare to the famous floating market, this one is easier to reach.


There are lots of Bangkok dishes sold here and most of them are dedicated for the tourist who wishes to taste the flavors of Thailand. There are various Thai Milk Teas here, fresh fruits on stick, barbecue, skewered squids, Pad Thai, Santol and other local Thai dishes such as the Thai Chicken Curry which is my favorite as it smells really delicious.

When I got there, there were vendors selling sea creatures that I’ve never seen being sold else where. Shockingly, I saw a tub full of small turtles. I didn’t ask by the way if they were to be consumed or sold as a pet. What do you expect, this is Thailand.

These water snakes were also sold here. Not also sure if it is to be consumed. When you get to the market, you’ll also notice that there are massage services there and an open barbershop as well.


The place is filled with tourists and vendors. The only thing I bought was this Matcha Thai Milk Tea which tastes really good. It’s cheap  but its huge! It costs around 50baht. Cheaper than your average milk tea.


Talin Chan Floating Market Opening Hours: Saturday and Sunday, 8 am to 5 pm
How To Get There: