Ragnarok M Eternal Love: Five Elemental Shards Quest

There are five special monsters on the Wasteland map: Axe King Houdini, Nightmare Spore, Big Mouth Larry, O’Chars and Freezing Flame. These monsters all have specific element shards that you need to collect.

Axe King Houdini – Thunder Shard

Nightmare Spore – Earth Shard

Big Mouth Larry – Wind Shard

O’Chars – Water Shard

Freezing Flame – Fire Shard

To make it easier, I took photos of the monsters and marked them on the Map for you.

Axe King Houdini is a mutated Kobold.

Nightmare Spore is a mutated Green Spore

Big Mouth Larry is a huge Plant monster

Freezing Flame is a blue Horong

O’Chars is a stupid snake which took me 30minutes to find it.

Anyway, I’m so sick of Wasteland.

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