The Longevity Of Art Block


Surround yourself with things that inspires you and do everything to keep that inspiration with you. I thought it would be very easy to abandon drawing but I will always end up trying to fill myself with reasons to get back into it once again.

I have successfully inspired a couple of people to be into arts and for the past few years, some of the people- friends, who seeks for my approval has been doing really good with what they are doing. I remember a friend, her name’s Irish. During her first days of drawing, she always seeks for my approval whether her drawing is okay or not okay. I keep telling her that she needs more improvement and telling her the points on where to improve. What’s her secret I guess is that she didn’t stop drawing and sketching. Right now, when I see some of her artworks on Instagram, I will always feel really proud of her doing the things I knew she was already good at, but only needs to be awakened.

I envy her. Because she had someone, like me who pushes her to be the best that she can be. I wanted to meet someone once again so that I could feel inspired. Sometimes I wish I was just an extrinsic artist. Drawing whenever or wherever without losing interest in oneself.

My longevity of art block consumed 2 years of my life. During those years, although writing this made me realize I wasn’t feeling regretful with that all because I know everything has its own reason. Maybe the reason why I was not able to draw is because there is a SELF project for me to improve. With that longevity, I learned how to value LIFE more. I learned how to value my family. The things that I only have and be contented with what is already in me. Not seeking for more that what I already need.

The longevity of art block only expressed to me that absence really makes the heart grow fonder.