I Wanted To Control My Privacy

Information is very important these days and by that it does not limit only to current issues. What I am writing about is having the information of ‘whereabouts.’

I have been thinking so much about privacy over a year that started only simply with this thought: “I should never let anyone know where I am working” and it succeeded. Nobody knew about my tenureship. It is satisfying as it feeds my feeling of success.

That’s when I realize that the only people who cared about me knew what I really am and what I have been doing, not because they wanted the information but they wanted to know how Inwas doing.

The idea of having a private life doesn’t interest me since the birth of Facebook. I mean, I believe it’s necessary talking about family connections.

Right now, for the past two weeks, I kinda loved the idea of having been absent in Facebook. I know it’s not a big deal but for me this is my way of self improvement.

You don’t need social media. We don’t need it.

Today, tonight, since I’ve already took a step og Social Media absence, or yet limitation, I wanted to make it a habit.

If people wanted to know about my whereabouts, I post about it more personal, more intimate here on my blog.

I started off from Facebook, right now I’m thinking about leaving Instagram Stories.

The rest will follow.

I don’t know about this venture but having the ability to control privacy is such a good feeling!!!