Juicy The Fussy Rat



This is a short story about a rat who could not keep a secret.

On a very lowly lit village named Nyan Man Village, there was this cute little rat named Juicy. Juicy was all about pleasing everyone and making things go along very well. All he desires is the goodness of everyone. He was the ‘go to’ for everyone because everyone trusts him definitely. Which only shows because of his actions and his boastful intentions. Everyone sees him as someone they can lean on. You can ask him for any favor and he would gladly do it for you. Juicy was a good Samaritan. He was a perfectionist. He likes to tend plants and tell everyone the things that should be done perfectly when tending.

One day, Amida, the rabbit, went to Juicy to ask about if he could leave his garden for him to take care of while he was away for travel. Amida promised to provide garden tools, fertilizers and a fee for watering the plants to Juicy. Feeling honored, Juicy grabbed this closure and thought about it as an opportunity to show off his skills in tending gardens to make other villagers be impressed with his intentions as well.

“Her garden is full of crap! What kind of gardener is she? What is she doing all these time? Look at these plants. They are all very poor. If this was my garden, these flowers would bloom and leaves would be greener.” Juicy snapped one afternoon while talking to Rombo the Parrot. “Should you be telling Amida about what’s wrong with his garden?” asked Rombo. “No, I think that’s inappropriate. Besides, I’ve already cured them all.” Rombo’s feather shivered with despair. He thought that Juicy was a chopper.

Juicy really thinks that things should be done with Amida’s garden so he went into asking Amida’s neighbor what he has been very busy about. Jimmel, the ferret told Juicy one little secret about why Amida wasn’t able to tend his garden. “She’s very busy visiting Jolie the Mole. I think she is in love with her. Juicy, I trust you. Don’t ever tell anyone about this okay?” asked Jimmel the ferret. “Why would I tell someone about it? That’s their issue. Besides, I’m just here trying to take care of the plants.” promised Juicy.

The next day, Juicy went back to Rombo the parrot and yelled “ROMBO! I think I know why Amida the rabbit could not focus on his garden. She’s having an affair with the Jolie the mole. That’s really bad! I mean bad for the plants because he just left me his garden just so he could cuddle with Jolie for a week. What a shame. He should have prioritized his garden not that slimey Mole.”
“Juicy, I think that’s none of your business. That’s their problem. You were just asked to tend the garden not investigate about why they weren’t attended to. Besides, Amida paid you for your efforts and I think he trusts you” belowed Rombo.
“I know but what they are doing is a shame.” said Juicy.
“You should confront Amida about it not me. I have nothing to do with your agreement. Why do you need to be flustered and all?” said Rombo to Juicy in a doubtful face.
“I really hate it when plants don’t get attended LIKE THE WAY THAT I DO.” said Juicy a bit grumpy.
“Maybe it’s just because you have all the luxury of time and you are alone and you don’t have any relationships to take care to except your plants.” said Rombo.

Juicy went back home to try and figure out what is happening. He could not contain what Rombo has said to him. He felt degraded. He took Rombo’s words as an insult. So he called back Jimmel the ferret because he thinks he needed someone to talk to.
“Hey Jimmel, since I have your secret, I will also tell you a secret. Please don’t tell anyone about this okay?” said Juicy.
“What is that  all about?”
“Rombo thinks you are mad and he said you should not have told me about Jolie and Amida’s affair.” said Juicy.
“WHAT? He said that? That’s scumbag. I hate him right now.” angry Jimmel screeched. “Yes, I hate him too. Yesterday we were talking about some issues and he thinks that he is better than me with my decisions. I don’t like that. I have been very good to others in any ways possible.” said Juicy.
“Yes, I hate him too.” Jimmel agreed.

A week later Amida went back to Nyan Man Village. He said to himself that he will confess his affairs with Jolie to Juicy. The moment he stepped into his street, the residents where murmuring something that Amida wasn’t sure about. He asked himself “what’s wrong? Are they talking about me?” Jimmel walked right in front of Amida and yelled “You are one crazy rabbit Amida. You are fake. I don’t trust you anymore!” Amida was furious about what he has heard.
“What are you talking about?” asked Amida.
“I know what you think about me! You said I am horrible in tending plants!” said Jimmel. Although Amida was pretty sure he only shared a conversation about Jimmel to Juicy, he could not conclude since he trust Juicy all the way. Feeling furious, Amida walked out because he can’t figure out what Jimmel was talking about. Amida couldn’t handle all the fuss and he’s too scared to talk to everyone else.

to be continued…



Well, to tell you honestly, I could not finish this short story anymore. LOL. Was trying my best to put an input about the whole thing but I was too disturbed to do that now. Anyway, my point of the story is that if you are not part of the problem, if you can’t help make the situation a little lighter, don’t try to budge in. Also, if it does not concern you or if it  isn’t your problem, don’t make such fuss about it and do some gossiping. Try to be a bit resolving not cuss.

I’ve learned that there are still people who feeds remorse and full of hatred in their hearts and although sometimes I can feel HATE but that doesn’t mean that forgiveness won’t prevail. I just wanted everyone to understand that grudging and generating hate is not a good trait to have. Socially unacceptable.