Year End Report


I’ve been trying my best to get back into writing weeks ago just so I won’t be able to stop the monotony of blog posting a year end recap but failed because I don’t know where I should excrete my inspirations knowing I’m all barred up with negative emotions this year.

To avoid restraining myself from writing, I thought I should just be simply honest with everything that has happened this year. This year, although full of dream building and making them come true, I had a deep fall down from all of the things that I thought should have successed. The higher you fly, the painful you fall. But if you’ve already had a perception of falling so hard, you probably have the idea how massive the effects are. That’s what happend to me. I flew so high this year and have fallen down ten times than expected. I almost didn’t make it through, I almost have lost interest in everything that I do and as you’ve notice I’ve lost track of my dor com domain and have returned to basic. 2017 is my year of sorrowful experiences.

But enough about the negative things. I am here to be thankful of the things that still are with me and that include my son who understood every inch of me because that’s what my ex wife told him to do. She didn’t poison mg son’s thought about how crucially ill I have become this year. I am most thankful for her for ahe atill understood my struggles. I am also thankful for my sister, my mother, my family who I know although passive cares about me all through out my depressing months. I am really thankful for that. My two bestfriends. Rosebe for always being there no matter what. Above all, she’s the only person who treated me like am some kind of younger brother to her. Without her, I don’t know what bad things I have done to myself. To my brother, Geno, I feel sorry for putting you in this stressful position this year. If you are able to read this, again, I’ll tell you- there’s nothing I could have wished than to help you lift up from all of your problems, from all pf our problems. But I am deeply sorry I have failed. What astounded me the most is that you are still there waiting for me to ask you to have a drink. I am reallh proud to be your friend. To SV, you’re always there to catch me whenever I feel stressed out. You might not know, I really am thankful for all the things that you have given me…that simple dinner that saved my soul. You’re also my little brother in a nutshell.

Although I feel really sad about what has happend to me in 2017, I am thinkinv positive to make my 2018 a better one. Another chance to live. Another chance to excel in the things that I love to do.

Can’t think straight right now.

I’ll just edit this one soon!

Happy New Year 2018!

P.S. I miss Lucy.