A Week In Apple Watch Series 3

This whole Apple Ecosystem definitely is making my life a bit different from before. Apple Watch Series 3 has been around for about a year now  the newly launched Apple Series 4 which was released earlier September 2018. I’ve been an Apple fan since I first grabbed on hand the iPhone 4s way back in 2010. Yeah, I was a late Apple fan bloomer initially because it’s quite expensive compared to the other smartphones which you can just purchase anywhere. Although I’ve never really indulged into liking with the Android phones since I was a hardcore Blackberry fan. Aesthetically, both Apple and Blackberry smartphones are really satisfying. I still have with me my Blackberry 9100 Curve only the battery was just busted and I couldn’t find any replacement for that one. But with Apple, I really loved the design and all the simplest functions, the security and the authenticity that it follows.

It has been a three months decision until I finally decided to own my first Apple Watch. Every person I met who saw it while I am wearing the watch says it’s too expensive for just a watch but knowing I could almost everything on my phone to my wrist didn’t took me any other delays. I bought the Apple Watch Series 3 42mm Ceramic Space Gray Sports Band for only Php 14,000.00 (USD270) from an online seller. The actual market price as of this writing is Php 21, 000.00 (USD396).

Is Apple Watch Series 3 still worth buying in 2018?

I’ve only had it for a week now and it definitely is a game changer. It reminds me to move around and avoid being sedimentary. Which is actually what I really wanted to be reminded of since work sucks at moving around.

Some of the top features of the watch are listed below:

  1. Speed – compared to the earlier series, the Series 3 has an S2 Dual Core processor which makes it unbelievably almost as fast as the iPhone.
  2. LTE Capability – being able to go out without having your iPhone makes it the best smart watch ever. You could receive messages with the LTE Series 3. There are also iPhone free workouts which you can download for your smartphone fidelity advantage. I’ve tried doing some work out two days ago wearing the smart watch and it definitely proved it is the best workout buddy.
  3. Storage Capacity – Series 3 has a 16gb storage capacity so can download apps that are essential to you without actually worrying you’ve run out of memory.
  4. Barometric Altimeter – this allows you to read data with your elevation, flights climbed and other exercises that supports leveling up from the ground.
  5. Music and Podcast – I use this more often aside from just being just a watch. Being able to control what you are listening to on your wrist feel so futuristic.
  6. Phone Calls – Never really expected to have a clear sound with talking and having a conversation with someone on your wrist. It’s like I’m living the movies of the past that I am in the future.
  7. Watch Faces – with all the capabilities, the complications that you can customize, the Apple Watch Series will definitely feed your sight with themes and other tweaks to satisfy your visuals. You can use and adjust almost everything to match your mood.
  8. Smart watch band – sturdy and reliable watch bands also to match your mood.

I’ve recently made an unboxing video for the Apple Series 3 Smartwatch. You can watch it below: