Life’s Biggest Considerations – Whereabouts


I kept reminding myself every beginning of the month that I should have laid out a strategic plan in order for me to achieve my minimum goals. As much as I really ended up getting frustrated of not being able to achieve some of them, I couldn’t possibly ignore those things that ended up happening. Take my comics getting into reality for example, probably two months ago, I swore an oath- wrote it on my planner- I would get back into drawing and pursue the comics that I know I should have done a long time ago. Surprisingly it went pretty well on Facebook. I have reached 22 thousand people with just one week and what’s great is that I am feeling good now because my mind is busy thinking of a better skit to make my Facebook audience happy – makes me happy as well.

I went back to sketching, got into the idea of getting more comic skits every week, got pumped up with writing once again here on my blog, got intensely immense with cleaning this website and make it look a bit more professional.

The beginning of the month of September.

Simple Living.

Before proceeding to this sought after month, I will mention later why I consider this month as something to look forward to after my August recap. August ends and I have done so many things for myself. I put myself first above everything else because that’s one of the main reason why I could not lift myself up for not being able to put myself at the top. I cleared all my closet, put aside the things that I won’t use, cleaned my room. Decided to go and live an almost minimalist lifestyle.

Closed Friendships.

I haven’t talked to my best friend- well, technically he’s just someone I know who I came across with sometime in my life right now – for two months and what’s so hard to accept is that thinking it was all just temporary. You know, dreams, promises, arguments and indifference. Yeah, I am beginning to accept that it was just some sort of a commercial break for me to realize that I do not need anybody else’s attention and prior intentions. Have I not cut down that connection, I would still be that stupid someone trying to help another soul to live his own life according to his dreams. You can’t just simply please everyone. I am just trying to give respect to myself because I deserve it for I know no one else will care…not even that someone who calls himself a “best friend.” Losing that is weird and painful, but again, I deserve all the respect that nobody else could not afford to supply.

Working As A Regular Bank Employee.

Working has been a part of my life at the bank right now and as I have mentioned earlier, the month of September is the time I have sought after for I am looking forward to finally working once again as a Regular. I couldn’t measure how I thankful I am for the company who hired me to work because, if not, I don’t know how else I could move on with my life. Working with the company that I am with right now had its a bit of temperaments as I work on a smaller crew compare to the bigger majority who probably have spent years with the other employees as evident with the way people move around at the office. They are so tight with each other that I happen to think about how stupidly I acted back then at my previous bank company. People at the office are like familiar with each other that they do hang out as often as they should and I sometimes smirk not to them but to myself because that’s how I was before. I hang out with my other bank mates after office, we go out and have a drink, we laugh so hard until gums show off, talk so much with co-workers and walk around as if it was some kind of a private zoo. Yeah, that was me then. NOW I couldn’t suck it in spending more time with office mates when I could do more than what my life could offer. I mean, to put it shorter, I think I have matured now when it comes to working. I go in at the bank at the exact time, work hard as expected of me, help my co-worker with the load sometimes, have lunch, talk, laugh, out loud, casually and then go out and move on with life. I mean, nobody even knows – my social media friends – that I work in the bank. I don’t post it on Facebook, I don’t IG Story it on Instagram, I don’t tweet about it. It’s a separate chapter of my life that I guess no one probably would be interest about. I saw an office mate’s Facebook profile and it was like every bit of inch at work got published else where like hash tagging #bankerslife like what the hell. Gotta stop. Okay, I move on.


Extra Curriculars 

I traveled to Cagayan De Oro for Davao Association of Siberian Husky and Kagay-Anon Responsible Association of Siberian Huskies’ event and I have a Vlog all about it which I think I should have finished editing by now. I have visited the 7 Seas – a very huge water park here in Mindanao, got to spend time with SV and traveled on bus! I also have been very busy with the Davao Digital Influencers, Inc. during the Kadayawan week and realized after being with the other Vloggers too much makes me losing my niche. I realized that that’s not the way I influence people. So, I decided to focus more on my art, my craft, writing, sketching and drawing because this is my originality and this what separates me from the rest.

Self Care.

I spend adamant time now thinking on how to better myself each day. I decided to commit myself in working out, do my grocery shopping, cook my own food, pay debts, clean more often, organize stuff, write, read, listen to more music – discovering more music, Chill – filled hip-hop beats, lo-fi, Seuddu and Jusuf Vlogs, watch YouTube on a minimum, simple playing with Mobile Legends, No more spending time at the pub, maybe spend time at a coffee shop reading, fixing my website and the rest that describes what SELF CARE is all about.

I think that’s just it.

Tomorrow, I will plan once again my September. I don’t know what’s up ahead of me, but I know everything will be alright.

If you have finished reading up until this part. Please let me know at the comment section below.

Thank you for reading!


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